Folding Stairlifts

A folding stairlift serves many purposes. It can transform from one configuration to another depending on the purpose to be served. A folding stairlift folds up when not in use. It thus prevents any kind of trip hazard at the bottom of the stairs. It has a comfortable contour seat that swivels or locks at 60 degrees or 90 degrees away from the top of the staircase and therefore it allows the user to get on or off the stairlift with confidence. The padded armrests can be folded up and out of your way giving you extra space when needed making the ride more comfortable.

The folding stairlifts also have operating control switch on either side of the seat. They also has an optional joystick and hand held button controls. It is useful for those with limited hand mobility.

If you cannot move the track out of your way you can have a final section of the track that will fold or unfold automatically, this will help when the stairlift ascends or descends the stairs. It is also advisable to make sure that the folding stairlift gives access to the stairway and entrance to all.

Meditek provides an admirable range of beneficial features designed to enhance your stairlift experience. It helps in increasing the accessibility of the stairs. There are many features such as folding hinge tracks, seat swivels, bridging platforms, etc.

If the end of the stairlift track obstructs a doorway or a passageway a folding section of the track may be supplied as an option. No moving parts are exposed from the folding stairlift for added safety. The manual hinge track is a counterbalanced foldable section of the track that can be positioned by hand. The automatic electrically powered folding tracks fold up themselves as you ascend the stairs and fold down into the operational position as you get down. Folding armrests, seats and footrests are suitable for those customers who have problems in bending down.

The folding stairlifts are designed to blend in with the furnishings of a home. The advantages of folding stairlifts include the fact that they are user friendly- Its different parts can be folded whenever necessary and are more flexible to use. As they can be folded it saves space and lessens chances of accidents and falls and since the armrests can be lifted it makes movement easier.

Folding stairlifts add value to the lifestyle of the users as it is helpful in many ways by helping the disabled and elderly to move with ease. The other great feature is that it can be folded when needed, thus it is suitable for homes with lesser space.

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