Seat and Stand Frame Stairlifts

The sit and stand frame is one of the accessories of stairlifts. With this frame you can choose to use the stairs in the usual seated position while on the other hand you can also stand on the footrest. With a special folding security bar for stability, it is ideal for anybody with problems in bending their knees. It is also suitable where multiple users with different requirements will be using the stairlift.

Sitting is not always possible with certain medical conditions and there are requests for a stairlift that the user can stand on. It may be that they have an ankle, knee or hip issue that does not allow them to sit comfortably. The Sit-Stand stairlift offers the option of being used as a sit or standing stairlift. The stairlift is fit with a footrest and a special security bar for those who prefer to stand when going up and down the stairs. It has whisper quiet motion, that is, smooth stop start mechanism ensuring no sudden jolts or jerks whilst moving up and down the stairs. Both electronic and mechanical brakes give you extra peace of mind.

Standing stair lifts may be chosen in preference to seated models if the staircase is exceptionally narrow or if the user has a stiff leg and has difficulty bending their knees or hips when sitting. The user must have the endurance to stand for the time required to travel up and down. The time required will vary depending on the length of the staircase and any bends. Even a short straight flight of stairs will take over a minute. Standing stairlifts usually have one or two guard rails that the user can hold onto during transit. Sit and stand frames have several optional features such as seated stairlifts, folding footplates and hinged rails.

Thus the sit and stand frame for stairlifts gives the users two options. He can choose either according to his comfort and ease. If he is comfortable in standing while moving up he can choose that or he is also free to sit when needed. It combines the features of the perched stairlift with that of a standard stairlift. It also has all the safety features that will be neecssary. If the stairlift product is to be installed at your house and would be used by more than one person, perhaps it is better to purchase a sit and stand frame for your stairlifts especially when the people using do not have the same health problems. With this type of frame for your stairlifts, the user or passenger may be able to either sit or stand while he or she climbs up and down the stairs.

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