Perched Stairlifts

The perched stairlift has been designed to eradicate the problem of exceptionally narrow stairs. Also people who have difficulty in bending their knees will need the perched stairlifts. This gives them a comfortable journey up and down the stairs. Perched stairlifts include many of the features of the straight and curved stairlifts. However these stairlifts allow users to stand straight while travelling up and down the stairs. This may not sound like the safest way to travel but the perched stairlift is made keeping in mind the safety of the user. This means that all safety features are included in this kind of stairlifts.

The perched stairlifts have the same comfort and safety features like that of the straight and curved stairlifts. They include wireless remote controls, soft start and stop technology and quiet operation. These features enable these stairlifts to be both comfortable and functional at home.

Perched stairlifts are ideal for people having trouble in sitting or bending their knees. Individuals having back pain can also use these stairlifts. If the user can stand on his own he can use a perched stairlift. They can be easily and immediately installed. The smooth stop and start mechanism ensures that there are no sudden jolts or jerks while moving up and down the stairs. Both electronic and mechanical brakes give you extra peace of mind and quiet motion prevents unnecessary noise. Thus perched stairlifts are perfect alternatives to standard stairlifts.

The perched stairlifts have one or two guard rails that the user can hold onto during transit. These stairlifts allow the user to remain standing. It also has an adjustable handle bar and includes a pad to lean against and so it is not necessary to stand straight up. Instead the user can put their weight on the pad.

Meditek offers a stand and perch model. It has a full height adjustable seating arrangement that can accommodate both standing and perching position. It offers the perfect solution for customers having problems sitting or bending at the hips. It features a safety barrier arm as standard and has the same luxury upholstery color options as the seated model. It also has the option of a standard size footrest. This model is rated at 115 kg or 250 lbs. and can easily be operated by remote control systems giving you maximum comfort and ease of operation.

The perch seat option is available with most straight stairlifts but is currently available with only one curved stairlift model. You will not have to pay any additional cost for a perched stairlift frame. Perched stairlifts are a hybrid of standing and seated stairlifts. They are, in essence, a standing stairlift that also provide extra support from a seat-like structure. These lifts are perfectly suitable for those who are not completely disabled but feel comfortable with some extra support. Like standing stairlifts these stairlifts tend to take up less space than seated stairlifts. Their price can be usually compared to that of a standing lift but the additional support mechanism may increase the overall cost.

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