Outdoor Stairlifts

An outdoor stair lift is designed to be set up on a set of stairs which are exposed to outside elements including porches, sun decks, garden steps, sheds, basements steps and front stoops. These lifts are mechanisms that allow handicapped people to move up and down staircases. Usually they are used for short flight of stairs as the danger is more at a greater height. If your home happens to be close to the ocean and therefore suffers from a lot of salt spray, ensure that your outdoor stair lift is suitably protected from the extremely corrosive weather conditions of the ocean before you purchase it. An outdoor stair lift has all the same protection features as an indoor stair lift. The only difference is that it has been made to withstand nature's elements. This gives an extended lifespan to them because of the more durable products which are used in its production.

On a high quality outdoor stair lift, all the metal parts are produced from either aluminium, or are zinc plated or oil annealed before they are powder coated. In order to safeguard the stairlift from ambient heat damage as well as color fading, plastic parts are UV and heat resistant. Before purchasing an outdoor stair lift, one must ensure that it comes with a strong plastic cover which will help to guard it from rainwater, snow and the sun during intervals when it is not used. It is important to buy the equipment from a dependable seller.

Outdoor stairlifts are built with safety and suitability in mind. These stairlifts allow people to access the outdoor areas of their homes and offices more easily. They come with seats, perches, footplates or platforms and are sold everywhere in the world. The various models of outdoor stairlifts are made to match well with varying landscapes and are definitely dependable and well worth the investment.

Outdoor stairlifts are made with rotating seats, protection belts, cushioned armrests and protection brakes to safeguard the individual. It has sensors that prevents the movement of the lift automatically when a block is found in the way. Another feature of outdoor lifts is the fold up alternative which allows it to be stored properly when not in use. This not only helps in saving space but also allows people to use the stairs comfortably. Most of these lifts can weigh up to 400 lbs.

Meditek's outdoor stairlifts are suitable for upto 100 m of travel. The Acorn Superglide Outdoor Stairlift is an ideal solution for staircases involving garden steps, porches, garages or basement steps. Bruno's Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor Stairlift is reliable, safe and durable. An outdoor stairlift of this quality allows you to use the stairs outside your home with confidence and ease at any time of the year and is specifically designed for exterior use.

Another form of outdoor stairlifts are standing stairlifts. People can stand and move up with these lifts without moving their knees. They would also not need the support of any other person. Some outdoor stairlifts can accommodate individuals in wheelchairs and such units have an entrance which can be locked thus enhancing the safety of the individual.

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