Acorn Stairlifts

If you are looking for information on Acorn stair lifts, you have come to the right place. There are certain things you need to know about Acorn stair lifts. They have satisfied over 100,000 customers all over the world, with their wide range of stair lifts and different kinds of features. These Acorn stair lifts can be fitted to the stairs and not the wall, they work even during cases of power outages, their motion is smooth and soft, they can be folded when they are not being used, and what's more they come with wireless remote controls! This apart, the Acorn stair lifts require no planning permission, so they can work on not only straight and curved staircases, but also narrow and outdoor staircases.

Acorn stair lifts are a great solution if you have someone at home who is physically disabled and handicapped. For instance, if your elderly grandmother has had an operation recently and cannot go up and down the stairs comfortably, then a stair lift would be the perfect idea. If your younger brother is handicapped, and for that reason, cannot move between stories, then you know that an Acorn stair lift is what you need. These kinds of stair lifts make the whole of the home accessible for the disabled or handicapped person again.

If you have issues with mobility, then get an Acorn stair lift these allow you to smoothly go from one floor to another, and the thing that you need to know is that it's not just for the handicapped an Acorn stair lift could well be for the person who finds it difficult to move and up down stairs.

If you want safety, reliability, and affordability, then the Acorn stair lift is the perfect solution for you. They have many different features that you can choose from. For instance, they are battery powered, and leave behind no messy cables or wires. They also come with fully-functional safety sensors, smooth smart and stop, and the safety belts are, of course, standard. Plus, even if there is a power outage, the stair lift will continue to work, this means that a handicapped or disabled person can go up and down stairs with ease.

Acorn stair lifts are specially known for their clear control panel, their ease of use, and their reliable safety features. For instance, even if the power goes out, the stair lift can run on its own power, this means that the lift service faces no disruption of any sort. With Acorn stair lifts, there is no fear of electric shock. But there is one thing that you should take into account when the stair lift is being operated, the stairway should be cleared of all people and objects. However, the Acorn stair lift can carry just one person at a time, at such a time, any jewelry and loose clothing should be tucked away to avoid any chances of injury because small objects can sometimes fall into the mechanism and cause damage to the machine.

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