Minivator Stairlifts

Are you thinking about buying a Minivator stairlift? Well, we tell you that you could not have made a better choice. There is a wide range of stairlifts available from the company Minivator; in fact you would be surprised to know that this company is one of the world's largest installers and manufacturers of stairlifts. They have many models with different features available so you can definitely find the one which is most suited to your needs.

For instance, you could try the Minivator Simplicity 950 model this one is compact is design, and when it's not being used you could fold it up to keep it out of the way, that way the space on the stairs would definitely be maximized. You should also know that all the Minivator stairlifts are operated on battery, so just imagine if there is a power outage the stairlift would still work and the handicapped or disabled patient would face no trouble at all while going up or down the stairs. The battery gets continuous charge from the mains supply. For instance, the Simplicity 950 gets this charge, no matter where the stairlift is positioned on the track. So the stairlift can be parked just about anywhere, when it's not being used. The Minivator Simplicity 950 is easy to use it's protected by a key switch, all you need to do is switch on the toggle control, and then hold it in the direction of travel. You can place the toggle on the left, or the right hand arm. When you arrive at the top of the stairs, you can turn the Minivator stairlift to face the landing this makes it easier to get on and off the stairlift.

You can also try the Minivator Simplicity 1000 this is the straight type, and can be used on straight staircases, where there is no need to travel around a corner. The stairlift basically runs on a slim line track, which hugs the edge of the staircase. This track is attached to the stairs and of course what is most convenient is that there is plenty of room on the staircase, for the other users. This track comes with top and bottom charging points and when the stairlift is not being used; it should be left at either the top or the bottom charging point.

The Minivator stairlift can be used by all handicapped and disabled people, and after just a few days of using it, they become attuned to it, and it gives them a great sense of independence which is really quite unmatchable. It not only enhances the overall quality of life, it makes it much easier for a person to go up and down the stairs without any help or support from others. The Minivator 1000, for instance, has garnered rave reviews from all those who have used it, because of its quality materials, its technology, and its user-friendly features. Get a Minivator stairlift today to make life easier.

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