Brooks Stairlifts

There may be many reasons why you want to purchase a stairlift. For instance, there may be someone at home who has recently had an operation, and for that reason, is temporarily confined to the room and hence cannot go up and down the stairs. There may be someone permanently handicapped in your house, who cannot travel up and down the storey's. Another reason might even be that that a person feels dizzy when going down long flights of stairs. In such cases, a stairlift would be the ideal solution, and we recommend Brooks stairlifts. If you want low maintenance and high reliability at a very affordable price, then this is the brand of stairlift for you. With Brooks stairlifts, you know that customer satisfaction is of the primary concern.

For instance, there is the Brooks Lincoln this prides itself on safety and comfort, and it runs on maintenance free DC power packs these get automatically recharged after every trip. The results the function of your stairlift will always be smooth and incredibly quiet. Also, even if there is a power outage, the stairlift will be fully functional, because it has been charged. What's more, this particular Brooks stairlift has a very quiet motor, and many different safety features the dual joystick operation lets you remain in total control, you don't have to worry about any jerky movements, because the stop-start action is so quiet. With this stairlift, you have to put in next to no maintenance, and the less-than-an-hour installation time makes it one of the best choices in the market.

Brooks stairlifts come with many different features like transfer platform, perch stairlift, jointed track, manual or powered hinged track, extra wide arms, sit or stand, powered swivel seat, etc. Would you like to know more about the key features? We shall tell you. Well, Brooks stairlifts come with self charging DC power for quiet and efficient functioning, you can operate it fully with remote control, there is also diagnostic digital display, and what's more, the load capacity is 20 stone, or 127 kilograms! There is a swivel seat, so there is no need to twist to get on and off from the stairlift. The installation for the Brooks stairlift is quick and easy, and hardly takes up any of your time, the joystick operation is easy, and there are electronical and mechanical braking systems, for extra safety. There are also safety cut-out sensors, and if you want stand/perch or even outdoor models, you could find them very easily among the wide range of Brooks stairlifts.

The best thing about Brooks stairlifts is that the company has worked in tandem with homecare professionals, and therefore the makers of the stairlifts are in a position to put in proper safety and independence features on the stairlifts they pride themselves on commitment, innovation, and even inspiration. What's more, Brooks stairlifts are not only safe and reliable, they are also extremely affordable, and they are truly a great investment!

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