Bison Bede Stairlifts

Do you need information on Bison Bede stair lifts? Well, the first thing that you need to know is that Bison Bede is one of the leading stair lift suppliers in the UK. If you want to go with a company that has experience in making stair lifts, then Bison Bede is the company for you they have over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of stair lifts. Bison Bede's website allows you to check out their product range you can look at their straight and curved stair lifts, and also look at the latest news from their company. What's more, you can even request the latest product brochures, or locate the Bison dealer nearest to your house.

Do you have someone at home who has recently had an operation, and therefore cannot go up and down the stairs because of physical discomfort? Or perhaps your elderly grandmother is an invalid and is confined to the second floor, thus she cannot make it down for the parties on the first floor. Well, a stair lift would be the perfect solution to mobility issues like these. For instance, Bison Bede stair lifts are safe, reliable, and even affordable. You can find a different range of models, and choose from a variety of different features, to suit the needs of the patient and make life much more comfortable for him.

For instance, there is the Bison Bede Classic stair lift, the Bison Bede Compact, the Bison Bede 50, the Bison Bede Contour/Contour Elite, and the Bison Bede 80. But this is not the whole range of course, there are many, many more! Now let's go into one of those Bison Bede stair lifts into details.

For instance, the Bison Bede 50 has many optional extra features which make it ideal for straight stairway use. This stair lift gives a comfortable, smooth ride, and there is stop and start facility. There is also a high power rechargeable battery at the back which makes sure that the stair lift is working even during times of power failure. The Bison Bede 50 has a very slim-line design, so you can fit it into even the narrowest of stairs, and when it is folded up, it takes about less than 12 inches of space. Different safety features of this particular Bison Bede stair lift include variable seat height, no overhang required, full remote control, easy joystick operation, or rocker switch operation, swivel seat (powered or manual), quick installation, diagnostic display to find easy faults, powered footrest, space saver seat available, different seat belt options, very narrow rail with hidden rack, safety cut-out sensors, optional auto-park facility, smooth stop-start action, and no trailing cables.

The Bison Bede 50 comes with stand on option, larger footrest, and extra wide arms. What's more, it comes with 6 different choices of upholstery. If you want safety, reliability and affordability, do choose a Bison Bede stair lift as these are three main qualities that the company prides itself on.

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