Meditek Stairlifts

Meditek stairlifts have strong universal appeal, and they are perfect for handicapped or disabled persons who find it difficult or impossible to go up and down flights of stairs. For instance, you could try the Meditek MK1G Stairlift this has automated stairlift footrest, there is manual or powered bridging platform, there is powered seat swivel, and also associated power or manual folding hinge track. What's more, you can also make adjustments to the seat height, and the company Meditek has also made improvements to the seat design to make sure that you get the best and most comfortable ride possible, up or down the flight of stairs.

Let's talk about some more features of the Meditek stairlifts there is not only weight reduction and simpler fittings, but there is also full on-board diagnostic suite which makes the installation much quicker and easier. Meditek stairlifts pride themselves on ethics, loyalty, and of course knowledge and service. When you order the Meditek stairlift, you would get the stairlift delivered within 7 days, unless it is a special case which may have a longer build time. But this would be agreed with you at the time of purchase.

Meditek stairlifts are safe and easy, and are of very high quality. All the stairlifts have the world's first Constant Pressure Safety System, referred to more commonly as CPSS. Meditek has recently been accredited with the ISO 9001 certification, so this means that you get high quality products. If you want high levels of safety for not just the user but also the non user, then Meditek stairlifts are the best choice for you. For instance, the CPSS sensors are always monitoring the leading surfaces of the carriage and the footrest, and they take into account the risk or chances or interference. If obstacles are encountered or detected, emergency controlled stopping is activated by the CPSS. This amazing feature means that you can go up and down the stairs in the Meditek stairlift with ease and peace of mind, knowing that not only you, but the rest of the family, are safe.

Meditek stairlifts give you a wide range of accessories these accessories are tested and researched upon extensively to make sure that they work very well for you and that they create the best possible product for you. The products are British built and designed, and they are becoming quite common in homes across the world where there are handicapped people. If you want high levels of reliability, quality, workmanship, safety, technology, and ingenuity, then do go for Meditek stairlifts, as they give you true peace of mind and are also very good investments.

For instance, you can try the Meditek MK1G, which has a new design there is a sophisticated styled seat which is quite comfortable, and the ride is very comfortable. This particular model of Meditek is comfortable, and the standard features have been improved upon, and there are a few new developments. Plus, you get increased lifting capacities, and a wide choice of seating arrangements, and advanced integrated ancillary equipment.

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