How Do You Find A Suitable Stair Lift

How Do You Find A Suitable Stair Lift

Finding a suitable Stair Lift is actually quite an easy thing to do if you follow the proper steps when you begin your search. First you will want to research what type of stair lift you want to get and the limitations on the possible types of stair lifts due to your stairwell. Stairwells with curves often require that stair lifts be custom manufactured for the stairwell, thus many of the different options available with straight stair wells are not available.

Electric or Battery Stair Lift

One of the first options you will be faced with is choosing between an electric or a battery operated stair lift, or even an electric with a battery backup. The later is actually the best type of stair lift to have in case of battery failure you will not be stuck upstairs, downstairs or even worse halfway up the stairwell. You should know that if you choose to go with just battery powered stair lifts you will have to have the battery changed annually or semi annually, and often the cost of new batteries for stair lifts can cost several hundred dollars.

Type of Stair lift

There are two different types of stair lifts designed for people with different physical needs. The first type designed for people that have a hard time bending their knees or lifting up their legs is the standing stair lift. When using the stair lift the owner stands on a platform and is raised or lowered down the stair well while they are in a standing position.

A sitting stair lift is designed for owners that have significant trouble with mobility or moving around their own home. The owner sits in a chair that goes up or down the stairwell to transport them between floors. These are the most common type of stair lift out there, but are the most expensive as well. Most people purchase a sitting stair lift just in case their mobility or ease of movement declines as they further age.

References For Stair Lift Installers and Manufacturers

As with any other type of business stair lift manufacturers and sales companies should have their references checked. Ask your friends and acquaintances who have had a stair lift system installed in their home what company sold the stair lift, manufactured it and the quality of the stair lift and the service. Also consider asking your local senior citizens organization if they have a list of quality companies who can provide homeowners with stair lifts.

The Warranty and Service Plan of Your Stair Lift

The last thing, which is also one of the most important thing you should check is if the manufacturer and the company providing you with the stair lift offers warranty service, routing maintenance of the stair lift and how service is done if the stair lift is broken down. You should also find the length and scope of the warranty coverage of the stair lift. Stair lifts can be expensive and if the unit breaks down its important that you know you will be able to get it repaired.

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