Where Can I Get Advice on Stair Lifts

Where Can I Get Advice on Stair Lifts

When you have never had to use a product before you need to get advice. This is no different when it comes to stair lifts. However as stair lifts become more common it is much easier to find good solid advise when it comes to stair lift systems.

Friends and Families Advice on Stair Lifts

You are likely to have friends and family that use stair lift systems or they will know someone that does have a stair lift system. Ask them how they like their stair lift, and how the company was that did installation and service of the stair lift. Make sure they billed no hidden fees on installation and service and that they properly trained the user of the stair lift on its operation.

Senior Service Centers

Great sources on information when it comes to stair lifts can be found at local senior service centers or agencies. Often times they will know the best companies in the area that offer sales, installation and service of stair lift systems. They can also tell you in the area who to avoid.

Online Information on Stair Lifts

There is a vast amount of information online when it comes to stair lift systems. You can find reviews by the users and loved ones of stair lift systems. You will also likely be able to discover if there are often problems with the stair lift system you are looking at, and how well the manufacturer does when it comes to servicing and honoring the warranty of stair lift systems.

The Better Businesses Bureau

The BBB may also provide information when it comes to companies that sell, perform maintenance on and manufacture stair lift systems. You should easily be able to discover through the BBB if the company you are looking at conducting business with has had problems in the past with improper billing, not doing service as required and improper business practices. It’s important to know the companies that will be handling your stair lift system are reputable and trustworthy as your or the safety of your loved one depends on it.

Other places that you can get quality advice when it comes to stair lifts include:

• Your health care provider – they likely have many patients in the same position as you and will know the best companies in the area when it comes to stair lifts.

• A physical therapist – A physical therapist often has many patients that use stair lifts. You are likely to get some great advice on stair lift systems from them.

• Stair Lift Manufactures, and Serviceman – some of the best advice when it comes to stair lift systems comes from the makers and maintainers of stair lifts themselves. They do have the most experience in the field, with the product and meeting people’s unique physical needs.

It is important to do proper research and get the advice of others when you are selecting a stair lift system for you or a loved one as getting the wrong stair lift system, or working with the wrong company can result in hidden fees, injury or even death.

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