Stair Lifts for Small Spaces

Stair Lifts for Small Spaces

Many homes have smaller stair wells and these can be a bit more difficult when it comes to selecting and installing a stair lift in your home. These stair lifts provide more of a challenge as they require more of a vertical angle than would be required of a stair lift on a normally sloped stair well. Stair lifts installed in smaller tighter spaces often go straight up and down vertically or nearly close to vertical. These stair lifts are also often custom designed for these smaller stairwells. There are two different types of small spaces that make it difficult to select and install and appropriate stair lift.

Narrow Stairwells and Stair Lifts

Narrow stairwells can be challenging when it comes to installing a stair lift as it leaves a tight fit between the stair lift motor and the actual stair lift. Narrow stairwells are common in urban areas where buildings are really close to each other. The designers of the building not thinking about the future often cut into the stairwells not thinking it would be difficult for the elderly and those with mobility impairments to get up the stairwell at a later date.

Narrow stairwells are often handled by custom designing a stair lift application for the stair well. This often involves a significant amount of construction in which the stair lift rail and motor is placed as far into the wall as possible and the opposite wall of the stairwell is narrowed as much as safety will allow to allow for a wider stairwell for the stair lift. When dealing with narrow stairwells it’s important to have your house structurally checked by a person who is knowledgeable in construction and building.

Another option seen more rarely is placing the rail of the stair lift on the stairs itself. This is much less common as it serves as a hazard for people who use the stair well who do not require the stair lift as they may trip on the rail when using the stair well. This option is much less expensive and much less intense than the prior option – but often is the most affordable option even though there is additional danger.

Steep Vertical Stairwells and Stair Lifts

The other problem when it comes to tight spaces and stair lifts is steep vertical stair wells when it comes to the use of stair lifts. These often require the use of vertical stair lifts or near vertical stair lifts. Stair Lifts in tight vertical stairwells also do often require a custom designed stair lift as well ,but are much easier to install than stair lifts on tightly spaced narrow stairwells.

Get Quotes on Your Stair Lift

The best way to find out what stair lift will meet the needs of your home and your physical need is to get a sales person or technician from the stair lift company in your home to do some measurements and better understand your physical needs. Only when this happens can a proper estimate be done as the needs of you and your home will be understood.

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