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Access Stairlifts

Once you have purchased your stairlift from a reputable firm such as Access Stairlifts, you will want to ensure it remains in good working order. Although Access Stairlifts offers a 12-month warranty on their new stairlifts, they also recommend an annual service check. However, in the meantime there are a few little tips you can use to ensure you are trouble-free. This way you will not need to rely on their services too often after the warranty period has expired. In fact, there are also options to extend the warranty if you feel it necessary.

Are your stairlift tracks clear of debris?

Clearly, one of the reasons for a stairlift is to ease a person from one level to another. Access Stairlifts provide excellent stairlifts to suit mobility needs. However, it is important to keep the track or rail debris-free to keep that ride smooth and uninterrupted. The same principal applies as with a train track. If there is anything to impede its path, then there could be repercussions. For example, if something has rolled down the stairs and lodged onto the track, this will halt the ride and may prove to be very tricky to remove. There may be the chance of the stairlift going back the way it came, or the object may lodge in the rolling mechanism preventing the stairlift from moving at all. If you are a person with some mobility problems and are at home alone when this happens, it can mean a long wait until someone returns to rectify the problem. Therefore, ensure the tracks are always debris-free before embarking on the journey.

Check your battery regularly

To avoid interruption to the power supply, Access stairlifts operate on a battery pack power system. This is true today of many stairlifts, as switching to battery packs has revolutionized the system. Long gone are the cable systems that caused many stairlifts to fail or have their power supply interrupted at crucial times. These are still available in some places though. A battery pack will ensure you have hours of travel. However, batteries may become faulty or need replacing so it is a good idea to check the battery periodically. Many Access stairlifts use a system of ‘re-charge’ at the end of each journey, whether that is upstairs or downstairs. This effectively means you do not need to remember to charge the battery. However, there are indications that the battery is starting to fail as many systems provide an audible or flashing console that shows the state of the battery. Check this regularly to ensure your battery is behaving as it should. It is relatively easy to replace the battery pack if there is any kind of problem or it is not re-charging appropriately. Simply contact Access Stairlifts and they will be happy to rectify the problem for you.

Choosing your Access stairlift

Access Stairlifts is in the business of accommodating your needs and will not try to sell you the most expensive model they have. Therefore, it is important to consider the full options available and take advice from their experienced personnel. This will give you peace of mind and a product you can rely on.

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