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Silver Cross Stairlifts

If you are considering the installation of stairlifts, there a number of things you should think about. Give consideration to the extent of the mobility issues that are being addressed. They may require a model with more functions. Additionally, can you afford a stairlift or are you considering an older model? Does the company installing the stairlift give free assessments and quotes for the stairlifts? Are there spare parts available for your model in the event of it breaking? There is little point in buying a recycled or older model of any stairlift, even Silver Cross stairlifts, only to discover that the model is obsolete and no spare parts are available for it. Choose with care and be guided by the experienced staff at Silver Cross Stairlifts to help match your needs with available resources.

Experienced staff

Silver Cross Stairlifts can give a range of answers to all sorts of tricky questions; and their experienced staff, both in sales and installation, will be able to address any problems you may have and can reassure you. Experienced fitters and installers will also show you how to get the best from Silver Cross stairlifts when they install it for you. Even if you choose a reconditioned model you will receive the same expert service as if you had purchased a new model. Silver Cross Stairlifts provide reconditioned stairlifts that have a short-term warranty, with an extension to the warranty being available at a slightly extra cost.

What about stairlift repairs?

There may be occasions when your Silver Cross stairlifts break down or a part needs to be replaced. Wear and tear will occur as the stairlift is continually used. Silver Cross Stairlifts provides a quality replacement and repair service. In fact, the staff at Silver Cross Stairlifts understands the business inside and out and can undertake any kind of repair or replacement in the shortest time. This is good news, as they understand the importance of getting the stairlift back into operation again.

Can I get funding for my stairlift?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are certain funding options available to help with the cost of installing a stairlift. Silver Cross Stairlifts will help you all they can and will point you in the right direction to apply for the funding and give different options, which may also include a flexible payment plan. Approval may not be automatically guaranteed and will depend on a number of factors. In addition to help being made available by the government there are several charities that can help, too.

Can I save money by installing a stairlift myself?

The short answer to this is, no. Most companies will not allow individuals to purchase and install a stairlift themselves, and Silver Cross Stairlifts is no exception. There are all kinds of unforeseen problems that could occur. In fact, installing Silver Cross stairlifts is a very precision-governed process and the installers have followed a program of training in order to do it. It is not just a simple process of adding a few nuts and bolts to the staircase. If you must save money then consider buying a reconditioned model.

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