Meditek Stairlifts

Meditek Stairlifts

If you find that your mobility is impaired and you are considering having a stairlift installed, there are a number of companies, locally and globally, that can offer a range of different solutions to suit your needs. MediTek stairlifts have been addressing mobility for years and are experts in the field. They operate across the globe and have companies based in America and Britain.

Environmental reasons for choosing MediTek stairlifts

With the changing environment, and the global emissions policy affecting all kinds of different companies, MediTek Stairlifts are doing the best possible to help the environment, too. MediTek shares concern about everyone’s impact on the environment and does all they can to minimize their own impact. This includes using locally sourced supplies wherever possible. By using local sources of sustainable materials, the need to transport them over long distances is removed. This quite simply reduces carbon emissions caused by travel. As MediTek Stairlifts have companies in both America and Britain, they use locally sourced products in each of those locations.

By using local producers of materials and essential component, MediTek Stairlifts can choose companies that supply the goods that are created with environmentally friendly methods. They are closely involved in the design and manufacture process and regularly work with the local companies to ensure they meet their strict criteria to reduce packaging as well. Not all companies are as eco-friendly as MediTek Stairlifts, and this is only one good reason for choosing them to supply your stairlift.

How long is the warranty on your stairlift?

MediTek Stairlifts ensures that their attention to detail is as good as their after-care service; and their warranties are no exception. Not only do MediTek stairlifts offer 12 month warranties on brand new stairlifts, they also offer the same high quality 12 month guarantee on their reconditioned models, too. This is unparalleled in the industry and is a second excellent reason for choosing MediTek stairlifts.

Let’s talk about accreditation

A third reason for choosing MediTek Stairlifts is their accreditation. MediTek Stairlifts are leaders in their field and they are members of some of the highest accreditation programs possible. This ensures that they consistently produce high quality and reliable products that are fit for each specific purpose. They are overseen on a regular basis, as they have to adhere to the differing strict codes of practice imposed by the accrediting bodies. MediTek Stairlifts is justly proud of its associations and accomplishments.

How soon can I have my stairlift?

MediTek Stairlifts can supply your stairlift in as little as two days and it can be installed within an hour. However, before you jump up and down with excitement, this only relates to straight stairlifts with no additional complications. Stairlifts that are curved or need additional features will take longer and typically they may take up to 4 weeks for delivery. However, you are assured the quality of design and attention to detail will be strictly adhered to. You will also receive comprehensive instructions and a demonstration of your stairlift by very capable and friendly staff.

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