Thyssen Stairlifts

Thyssen Stairlifts

Stairlifts are accessibility products and are one of three different options for moving from floor to floor at home or in public places. Choosing the right option for the home is not an easy task, it therefore makes sense to talk to a trained professional who can advise you on the various solutions and the relevant costs. Knowledgeable professionals know which questions to ask and can match up the right answers in order to come up with your choice of solutions. Your choice should suit your budget, physical requirements and location. There are three primary mobility access options, including stairlifts.

Three mobility access options

Stairlifts are the most economic option and suitable for somebody who finds climbing the stairs difficult due to limited mobility. A renowned brand, Thyssen stairlifts, usually can traverse 1 or 2 floors. Installation is quite straightforward and may not require the services of a certified installer, if you are comfortable about doing the installation yourself. The installation can be completed within a few hours. The Thyssen stairlifts are controlled by a convenient joystick that controls ascent or descent. The capacity is for an individual user who sits on the fitted seat.

Wheelchair lifts can carry both the user and their wheelchair. They can be installed within a few hours and are controlled by a joystick; as with stairlifts they can span up to 2 floors. The third option is to install an elevator, this means the stairs can be avoided and the elevator can be used by everyone in the home. Elevators are controlled by a keypad and they will require anywhere from a few days to a week for installation, depending on the location. Naturally, an elevator is the most expensive mobility access solution.

Quality of Thyssen stairlifts

When you decide to buy Thyssen stairlifts, you are buying into quality that does not just cover design and manufacturing standards. The entire staff of Thyssen has experience in every aspect of the company’s activities; this includes sales, development, marketing and production. Thyssen’s aim is to provide its global users with unparalleled product quality and user satisfaction. The attention to quality extends to Thyssen’s certified installers. Thyssen realizes that you need to have confidence that any installation professional you allow into your home is both professionally competent and has the highest integrity; and therefore will treat you with care and respect.

Thyssen stairlifts: Installation

• The first step will be to fix an appointment with a Thyssen stairlifts Access-Certified Professional.

• Next, this person will come to survey your home and discuss the particular needs you consider important and explain the best form of stairlift installation that will match your requirements.

• The Access-Certified Professional will be able to give you an estimate for the Thyssen stairlift and its installation. At the same time, the professional will note surrounding furniture and fittings that will need to be protected during installation.

• The installation of the accessibility equipment will be conducted quickly and efficiently. The Thyssen trained technician’s aim is to cause the minimum possible disruption during the installation.

• Once installed, the stairlift will be fully tested.

• Once the stairlift is tested, the installation technician will demonstrate how the stairlift can work for you.

• After all the work is finished, the installer cleans up the work area and you are left with a smile as well as a fantastic Thyssen stairlift for your usage.

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