Minivator Stairlifts

Minivator Stairlifts

There are a number of reasons for considering installing Minivator stairlifts. The aging process can cause many different conditions to surface and difficulty in climbing stairs is just one of those problems. Some people may have an illness or disease that causes immobility, or certain mobility problems. That is when Minivator stairlifts can really help. Choosing to install a Minivator stairlift can make the difference between maintaining independence and feeling like a burden to others. Being able to gain access to the upper part of a house, or any other type of accommodation, without actually being able to walk up the stairs can be very frustrating. This is why Minivator stairlifts can help give a more liberating sense of freedom. Many people are still able to walk on flat and even surfaces even when they are unable to walk uphill or up stairs. In fact, they prefer to retain the sense of independence for as long as possible.

Choosing Minivator stairlifts

Minivator is a reliable and reputable firm and is renowned for their stairlifts. They are a company that has expanded to global proportions. They offer a range of different stairlifts to suit a range of budgets and accommodation needs. If you need a simple and straightforward stairlift, without any frills, then you can buy the basic model. For more features, there are other models to choose from. An assessment of your staircase and personal needs will be undertaken whether you choose a more expensive model or a less expensive model. Safety is the key issue and Minivator Stairlifts is renowned for their practical solutions and care.

Minivator Stairlifts does not just cater to indoor mobility issues; they can also provide an external stairlift as well. Therefore, if your house or accommodation has steps leading up to it, you can still gain access via an external stairlift

My staircase is curved; can I get a stairlift?

Minivator stairlifts are not just designed to work on straight staircases; they can easily be designed to accommodate unconventional or curved staircases. The assessment undertaken will take all needs into account and will be used to decide on the best kind of stairlift to suit your needs.

How soon will the stairlift be installed?

Once all the measurements have been obtained and the whole process has been explained, the actual installation can take from between two to four hours to complete. Clearly, if your staircase is not of a standard size or there are other issues to take into account (such as a landing) then the process may take a little longer. Generally speaking, your wall decorations and carpet, if you have one, should be left intact and only in cases of extreme complexity will these be affected.

Additionally, once a stairlift has been installed it can be easily removed if you need to re-decorate or re-carpet the area in the future. It will be re-installed with the same professional care as the initial installation. This installation process however will be quicker; as the ‘fixings’ are already in place.

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