Fixed Short Rise Lifts

Fixed Short Rise Lifts

Stair lifts are a convenient way to convey elderly and disabled people anywhere there is a short distance that spans an incline from one place to another. Due to the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as other laws, having disabled access in businesses is mandatory in the United states, but stair lifts are also a very comfortable and smart choice to make for in the home as well.

Fixed Short Rise Lifts – What They Do

There are different kinds of stair lifts, but the type discussed here is called a Fixed Rise Stair Lift. What is a Fixed Rise Stair Lift? This is a type of stair lift that is put into a location to help move people from one place to another where there is a rise in the floor level.

Often these types of lifts are installed in buildings that have already been built but need to be retrofitted to include this type of transportation for people. They are often used in public buildings or businesses that are required to have this type of access available for disabled people, but they are a tremendous boon to the elderly as well, as walking or going up stairs can be very difficult, painful, and tiring for them.

These are different from elevators, for example, which are generally part of a building’s original schematics or designs. For this reason their design has to be a bit creative and clever, as it usually has to work around existing structures and architecture.

Fixed Short Rise Lifts Better Than Ramps

While ramps tend to take up a lot of space, fixed rise stair lifts are quite compact when all is said and done, and they take up much less space than ramps, though both designs allow for people to get up and down inclines. These stair lifts require only the space a wheelchair takes up plus a couple of inches on either side. Ramps take up more space.

Also, fixed rise stair lifts are able to get people up sharper but shorter inclines while ramps are limited in the size of the incline versus distance that they are able to accommodate, simply being bound by the laws of physics.

In fact, stair lifts are able to get people up to a distance of about 13 feet in a very short space, though they are usually not needed to go that high. However, it’s nice to know that the option is available.

Fixed rise stair lifts come in a variety of designs, and can be scissor lifts or platform lifts. Generally, though, they are used to simply move people who can’t walk up a short distance to their destination and back down again when they are done or vice versa.

Another helpful additional feature to fixed short rise stair lifts is that they can also be used in a handy way to move items up and down, which can be a boon to people who don’t want to carry things up and down. Mostly, however, they are for people who are simply unable for one reason or another to negotiate stairways.

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