Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlifts

Unfortunately for people with reduced mobility, or wheelchair users, urban and residential design is painfully unsuitable for them, and an outdoor stair lift may be the only solution. While small steps can be negotiated with ramps, many homes can only be accessed by steep staircases and ramps aren’t possible – a suitable incline would imply an impossibly long journey. The best resolution for these cases might come with outdoor stair lifts, which will mechanically carry the user to the top of the stairs.

Before Buying an Outdoor Stairlift

When considering the purchase of outdoor stair lifts, it is important to be aware that unlike a home, an outside incline presents unique characteristics and the lift should be flexible enough to adapt.

Firstly, the outdoor stair lift will be subject to inclement weather, so its materials should not be ruined from rain or dampness and its mechanics shouldn’t be too hampered by cold weather or overheating. The seat’s material should provide comfort while being built in a water-proof fabric.

Another thing to keep in mind while selecting an outdoor stair lift is the architectural condition of the slope to be negotiated. Not every outdoors staircases will have a suitable side wall where the lift can be mounted, so many models will offer the possibility of installing it right on the steps, horizontally. Also, to keep the regular use of the stairs intact, models should be easily folded and unfolded by disabled people.

Comfort in outdoor Stairlifts

Unlike indoor systems, outdoor stair lifts won’t necessarily be used by just one person commuting up and down. Many people may use it, and access it from different directions, making remote calls where the chair can be pulled to either direction with the push of a button, an important feature.

The potential outdoor stair lift buyer should also consider what extra features might be useful to the user. It’s more economical to bundle offers from the manufacturer’s brand rather than installing them later at the risk of incompatibility. For example, a simple grocery basket add-on could greatly improve the independence of the user, who could get back to performing a task that might have been impossible without the mechanical lift.

Safety Features in outdoor Stairlifts

Most outdoor stair lift brands have integrated sensors that will detect blocks in the seat’s path, preventing serious accidents and possible injuries. This is an important feature as unlike inside homes, where the environment’s controlled, debris can be lodged in the machinery, and the chair would need to travel in its opposite direction to allow removal and not have the user stuck midway. When in use, a sturdy seat belt is absolutely vital along with the possibility of manually braking the chair even if it has integrated speed sensors that won’

Commercial outdoor stair lifts are designed with safe, low voltage batteries, but it’s up to the buyer to ensure the power feed conditions. They should be well isolated from the elements and any wear and tear use might bring, repairing chords whenever necessary, even if they’re connected to a domestic power outlet.

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