Portable Short Rise Lifts

Portable Short Rise Lifts

Unfortunately for people with reduced mobility, whether they use wheelchairs or have moving impediments – even if related to something as common as seniority ailments – most of our public spaces and vehicles aren’t suited to accommodate their needs, and a portable short rise lifts can be invaluable. These are lightweight structures that can provide access outside the home, to all sorts of elevated platforms, like stages, vehicles, garages or buildings. The ideal portable short rise lift should address these gaps with comfort and security.

Ideal Uses for Portable Short Rise Lifts

While homes can benefit more from a permanent lift setup, public venues like theaters and schools can find this is an excellent solution to negotiate the many elevated platforms in the building design – especially older structures who didn’t abide by modern accessibility regulations. A god choice in portable short rise lifts should be easy to move from storage to any place it’s needed, being an ideal investment that can serve the whole establishment, versus the much more expensive solution of mounting permanent lifts or long ramps in every platform, something that might not even be feasible due to space constraints.

Portable Short Rise Lifts Features

A portable short rise lift is essentially, a platform that can be elevated mechanically up to about three feet, being able to accommodate a wheelchair. A folding system and battery supply make this a completely portable mechanism that can be taken anywhere inside a building or carried in a vehicle.

When considering the brand of portable short rise lift for a building, it’s important to keep in mind the possible uses of the mechanism and whether a rise than can be used both inside and outside is necessary, as well as how many cycles it can perform in between battery recharges (which might also influence how many back-up batteries are necessary and how frequently they’ll need replacement).

The best portable short rise lifts should have as minimum features a ramp leading up to the platform for the greatest comfort and ease of use, and important safety characteristics like an arrester bar in the platform and suitable coverage of the scissor lift system (most brands opt for a bellow enclosure). If the portable lift features a seat and not a platform, a seatbelt is fundamental, and adjustable seat heights can help any user use them securely, even children. The commands should be easily accessible by the user or an assistant, but public buildings should consider the possibility of locking the elevator’s direction panel when not in immediate use.

Portable Short Rise Lifts Pricing:

There are currently several companies offering alternative designs, but these systems will be invariably, costly – the most economical models averaging three thousand dollars. On such costly equipments, researching the necessary features and how they adapt to the user’s particular needs is of paramount importance to maximize their usefulness. However, along with these lifts being a highly flexible, necessary investment, their maintenance is light when compared to other systems, needing only a yearly maintenance check and battery replacement in case of recommended use.

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