Vertical Stair Lifts Without A Shaft

Vertical Stair Lifts Without A Shaft

So many people today for a number of reasons want to be able to have access to their entire home. Whether a person is disabled or elderly, stair lifts are a way for them to have access to parts of a house that they might normally not have. It gives them the ability to do anything and go anywhere, whereas before they might have been limited and required outside help to come in and assist them.

Vertical stair lifts provide a lot of freedom for people who would not otherwise have it. Many people do not have the strength to be able to move themselves into and out of a moving apparatus, and although vertical stair lifts take up more room, they are definitely worth it for people who would otherwise not be able to get from point A to point B.

There are different kinds of vertical stair lifts. There are ones with shafts and without shafts. This article talks about vertical stair lifts without a shaft. The benefits to this kind of design are that you will not need to make as many changes to your home as you would if you got a lift with a shaft. Many people are either unable or unwilling to spend a lot of money to make changes, and that’s okay – it’s why a vertical lift without a shaft can be a very good option.

Features of Vertical Stair Lifts Without A Shaft

The first thing you will want to do is look around your house and decide where the best location will be for your vertical lift. Keep in mind that you will need a fair amount of space, and also remember that you maneuver itself in place in the vertical stair lift.

The nice thing about this style of vertical lift is that it is not as confining as one with a shaft. You will feel a little bit more free and more open. There will be nothing over your head, so that will eliminate the sense of confinement some feel. The installers will need to put runners in and build a trap-door style opening into your ceiling, which really isn’t too much of a change.

Safety and Controls of Vertical Stair Lifts Without A Shaft

There are numerous safety featured including a strap to keep you in place, and panels on the side that are cushioned and help keep you securely in place comfortably. The controls are easy to use and the best part about that is that you can tell them where you want them installed to fit your needs. They can be put just about anywhere you want them to go for ease of use.

For more severely disabled people, sometimes other people will have to operate the controls. If this is the case, the controls can be installed on the outside of the lift so that they can use it while you are inside.

Vertical Stair lifts are a big decision, but one that is the right one if you have no other options in getting up or down stairs. Once one is in place, you can have ease of mind that you will be able to safely get up and down floors.

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