Straight Stair Lifts

Straight Stair Lifts

A stair lift is a benefit to anyone, whether disabled or elderly, who has limitations on their mobility. Today, modern stair lifts are functional, easy to install, safe, and visually appealing. If you already have stairs in your house, condo or apartment, then you already have the perfect location for a stair lift. If your stairs run forward in one direction, a direction that looks exactly uniform and goes in a line, then a straight stair lift is a choice that will be the right one for you.

If your stairs have been built to be walked on in an unbroken line without any curves or bends, then a straight stair lift is the way to go, and is very easy to put in. Do not be worried if your stairs ascend steeply or if they are not wide – there is definitely a way that a straight stair lift can be installed.

Features of Straight Stair Lifts

There are so many options and features to choose from in a straight stair lift. You can choose to have a single or double track lift. Both work well and it really depends on your taste and needs.

You can choose different types of seats – some of them have extra padding, and some of them swivel, giving you a wider range of motion. You can also choose to have a seat that doesn’t swivel if that is your preference.

Another great option for a stair lift is a remote control. This gives you the option of using the controls on the chair itself, or a separate remote control that you can hold in your hand and use to operate the chair that way. Many chairs also have a diagnostic digital display, so you can tell exactly what the status of your stair lift is at any given time.

Safety of straight stair Lifts

Stair Lifts today are much safer than they used to be. Many years ago, stair lifts tended to be more bulky and clunky and were not as safe. They broke down quite often, and required a lot of servicing. Also, the apparatus tended to have to be lubricated often. They also ran on AC power, which meant that if the power stopped working – so did your chair.

Today, stair lifts are much safer. Most of them run on battery power and come with special safety sensors which really provide peace of mind. If there is any obstruction in the path of the stair lift, the safety sensor will immediately recognize it and stop operation until it can be removed. This safety feature provides tremendous peace of mind for the chair occupant, as well as his or her loved ones, knowing that the person is using a machine that is safe and will protect them from harm.

Safety belts – they are not just for cars, you know. Most if not all chairs come with the option of safety belts nowadays. This means that when you use them you are secure in the chair, and they will prevent you from falling out or slipping. Safety belts help you feel comfortable as you negotiate either up or down the stairs on the straight stair lift.

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