Portable Stair Climbers

Portable Stair Climbers

For disabled or elderly people, getting to the top of stairs is no easy task. What other people take for granted is like trying to go to the moon if they don’t have the proper equipment. It is one thing when they are in their own homes and can use stair lifts, but despite the Americans With Disability act, there are still many places with stairs and no other access out in the world. For this reason, portable stair climbers have become a wonderful option in place of stair lifts when there are none and no ramps.

What Are Portable Stair Climbers?

Portable Stair Climbers are really a genius invention combining the best of both mechanics and physics. These ingenious mechanisms allow a person in a wheelchair to be able to go up and down stairs with the help of someone using the portable climbing device.

The wheelchair gets securely strapped and latched in to the portable stair climber. There is a handle for the other person to use. They are battery operated, which takes the strain out of the person having to lift a heavy person and wheelchair combo. The electric motor does all the work and the person just has to guide the apparatus up and down stairs. The motors are very strong for such a small device.

The portable stair climber attaches to the wheelchair itself. Once it is attached, you just make sure that everything is straight and then engage the mechanism. You can go slow or go a little faster if you like. Each wheel on the climber usually has its own brake for maximum safety. It can be activated on each stair to help the wheelchair-bound person go up or down.

One of the nicest things about the portable stair climber is that it works on just about any kind of stairway. Whether the stairway is straight, or curved, long or short, wide or narrow, the portable wheelchair lift can handle it all.

The portable wheelchair climber is compact and is not overly heavy, so the lift itself is easy to transport and store and move from vehicle to ground to house and other places. They are also very sturdy, and often can carry weights of up to 300 pounds.

Many of the portable wheelchair stair climbers are able to be folded away when they are being stored. This means that they don’t take up a lot of room in storage or other places. It is very easy to work them, too, and unfold them and get them ready to go.

Life Changing Portable Stair Climbers

Often people who are elderly or disabled simply cannot go certain places that have stairs. They have to reorder and reorganize their lives to work around places that have stairs. But with a portable wheelchair lift, you are no longer encumbered by having to avoid places with stairs. With this type of portable stair lift, you can go anywhere there are stairs, just like anyone else. This is a sound investment.

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