Vertical Stair Lifts With A Shaft

Vertical Stair Lifts With A Shaft

What most people who are disabled or elderly most want, is the freedom to be able to move around as best they can, despite their limitations or being differently-abled. To live a normal life, unencumbered by obstacles, is one way that stair lifts have changed lives. People don’t have to rely on others so much, and it enables them to go where they want to. Vertical stair lifts with a shaft are one option for them.

Sometimes people are not able to use regular stair lifts for a number of reasons. Occasionally there is too much difficulty in maneuvering with regular incline stair lifts. Sometimes stairways are not able to be used to install a stair lift, either because they are too narrow, too curvy, in the wrong place, or do not have enough room for a lift area where a wheelchair can be driven into it and turned around.

What Are Vertical Stair Lifts With A Shaft

Vertical stair lifts are a type of stair lift that enable people to transport themselves from lower to higher levels or floors, much like an elevator. In fact, that’s basically what vertical stair lifts are – a type of elevator. There are a couple of different kinds of vertical stair lifts – ones with shafts and ones without shafts. This article talks about vertical stair lifts with shafts.

Vertical Stair Lifts With A Shaft -- What is the Difference?

Despite the fact that this type of lift will require a significantly bigger space than a vertical stair lift that does not have a shaft, there are definite advantages to this style of lift. One of the biggest option is that these types of lifts are able to fit generally more than one wheelchair in them, whereas the other kind generally can only fit one wheelchair, and even that is often a rather tight squeeze.

Stair lifts with a shaft, for this reason, generally are chosen by businesses and to be installed in public places, as the normal home can not usually accommodate the amount of room needed for this kind of lift. Because of the Americans With Disabilities Act, it is the law that businesses must make themselves wheelchair accessible. A vertical stair lift with a shaft is a great way to go if you do not currently have the kind of access needed and required by those folks in wheelchairs.

Vertical Stair Lifts With A Shaft Options

One of the nice things about vertical stair lifts with a shaft, is that their roominess enables them to have fold down seats for people who are not able to stand up for very long. This gives them a place to rest their feet as the lift makes its ascent or descent. People are able to use the seats while other people with wheelchairs are in the lift as well.

There are some limitations, however. Most of the lifts are only able to travel to a height of about 20 meters. For this reason, they may not be the best choice for tall buildings or some large shopping centers. But these types of businesses almost always have elevators. A vertical stair lift without a shaft is a good choice for small businesses and some large homes, such as rest homes.

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