Stair Lifts With A Wheelchair Platform

Stair Lifts With A Wheelchair Platform

With the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act, many stores and public places were on notice to change their layout to accommodate persons in wheelchairs. Many of them chose to install stair lifts with wheelchair platforms, especially in places where a ramp was not able to be put in. Stair lifts with wheelchairs are a wonderful addition to shops but also in the home, where people in wheelchairs are living in a place with stairs.

Why Choose Stair Lifts With A Wheelchair Platform

It is not always an option for someone in a wheelchair to move if they find themselves living in a place with stairs. Often, it is their home and has been for many years. Or, there are just no homes or apartments without stairs. Whatever the reason, it is so important that someone in a wheelchair be able to get around, and up and down stairs just like other people.

Stair lifts with a wheelchair platform take up a bit more room than regular stair lifts, so if you’re looking to install one make sure that there is enough room at both the top and bottom of the stairs for the wheelchair platform itself and also extra room so the wheelchair can be turned and positioned correctly.

Some wheelchair platform lifts are able to be modified so that they have a fold-down seat that other people can use of they need to. This enables other people with limited mobility to use the platform lifts as well, and is something to consider adding if it might be needed.

Stair lifts with wheelchair platforms can be installed on straight staircases or curved staircases. They are quite handy that way. They can also go up vertically if that works better with the design of the building.

Features of Stair Lifts With A Wheelchair Platform

Most wheelchair platform lifts have a safety bar that comes down or over and locks in for safety when operating the lift. Although most wheelchairs have brakes on them, it is always good to have backup safety measures. Also, the presence of a bar feels a bit more supportive, as it is a little odd to be going up or sideways through open space, and can be quite unnerving to some people.

You also have the option of deciding if you want your wheelchair platform left to travel along the inside or outside radius of the stairwell. There are benefits to both, and a lot of making your decision will have to do with which side it is easier to install the platform lift on. Also, some people might feel that one side or the other is more aesthetically pleasing. The installers can certainly accommodate either choice.

One of the greatest things about wheelchair platform stair lifts is that they can be installed without having to make major modifications or renovations to your home or place of business. You will not need to knock down or alter any walls, and you generally will not need to get any permits for it because you will not be altering the structural integrity of the house.

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