Standing Stair Lifts

Standing Stair Lifts

Standing stair lifts are a great way to get up and down stairs when you have a little trouble negotiating steps one at a time. This type of stair lift is a great option for people who have a fair amount of mobility still, but just need that extra little bit of assistance on their way up or down stairs.

Standing stair lifts provide both a platform and an enclosure to contain the person as they are using it. Make sure you know the difference between standing stair lifts and platform stair lifts – the latter are generally for people in wheelchairs, and they are built to contain people sitting down in wheelchairs and are not the best option for people who want to stand.

Why Choose Standing Stair Lifts?

Sometimes people have a harder time standing than they do in sitting. This can be caused by medical issues in parts of the body like knees, hips and ankles. Using a stair lift should help solve problems of pain and discomfort, not cause them.

A standing stair lift is also sometimes called a perch lift. This is because you have a little area to “perch” on while you are going up. It gives you the support you need to lean on while still allowing you to remain standing. If you have trouble bending your limbs or joints, or pain in your back that is exacerbated by sitting, then a standing stair lift may be right for you.

Balancing in Standing Stair Lifts

Make sure that you do not have any balance issues. If you have difficulty balancing or sometimes get faint or wobbly, then you may want to consider the option of a stair lift that allows you to be fully seated. However, if you are good at remaining balanced and keeping your balance when standing, leaning, or perching, then you may want to get a standing stair lift.

The standing stair lifts generally come with a security bar that can be used to brace yourself. This gives you something to hold on to when you are going up or coming down. Most of the standing stair lifts today also move very smoothly, so that you don’t have to worry about coming to a jarring stop when the machine reaches its destination.

Safety of Your Standing Stair Lifts

When you are looking to purchase a standing stair lift, safety is important. You will want to check and make sure that the lift is up to ASME standards. This is a good measure of safety.

Also, many of the lifts have sensors that will be able to tell when the lift has reached a stop or if there is anything in the way that would cause it to be blocked such as an obstacle. These sensors will shut down the machine and alert you to the problem so you can take care of it without compromising your safety.

There are also some standing stair lifts that give you the option of wither standing or sitting. This way you can sit down if you are feeling extra tired or experiencing more pain than you usually do, and on days when you are feeling really good you can remain standing or just stay perched. This type of stair lift is also good for people with different levels of pain and ability.

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