Seated Stair Lifts

Seated Stair Lifts

For people who have disabilities or are elderly, the type of stair lift called a seated stair lift is the most common type of lift that is used. There are many kinds of seated stair lifts, and they are designed to be able to accommodate just about any kind of staircase, whether it is straight, curved, short, or long.

How Seated Stair Lifts Work

Seated stair lifts work to help people ascend stairs in a sitting position. They are very easy to use, which is one of the best things about them and what makes them so popular. To operate the lift, you just sit down in the seat. After you are sitting, you put on the seat belt (safety is always important), and when you’re set, just engage the controls and away you go.

Many seated stair lifts have a control panel and you also can have the option of using a remote control with some if that is easier for you. These lifts often have different speeds, so if you are in a hurry you can use the faster speeds, and if you want to take your time you can just use the slower speeds.

The chair will be waiting for you at the top of the stairs when you are ready to come down. Going down the chair operates exactly the same way. Just always remember to use your safety belt just for safety, though the machines are incredibly safe – hey, it’s always good to use a seat belt.

Different Kinds of Seated Stair Lifts

There are about as many kinds of seated stair lifts as there are people who use them. This is good because it gives you the option to choose the type of seated stair lift that fits your needs and that you like. There are seated stair lifts for straight stairways, curved stairways, and just about anything in between.

Many of the seated stair lifts have seats that you can fold in to make your stairway accessible for people walking to higher levels and down to lower levels. Even with the seats that don’t fold up, they are often so small and streamlined that they will not block the stairway either when they are being used or when they are not in use.

There are different seats to choose from as well. You can choose to have a swivel seat or a stationary seat. Swivel seats are nice because they allow for more freedom of movement, and you can rotate left or right. The seat controls can be operated manually, or there are electric versions where you can control the seat direction electronically. Many of the stair lifts also have armrests to keep your arms comfortable as you navigate up and down the stairs.

Some stair lifts have platforms on them. These are meant primarily for people in wheelchairs, and are easy to use as you just drive your wheelchair up onto the lift platform, park it, and set the controls. But these types of lifts do not have seats on them, so take special care that when you are shopping for seated stair lifts you do not get this kind of stair lift.

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