Vertical Stair Lifts

Vertical Stair Lifts

Going down? Going up? Well, if you have been previously limited in your mobility, now you can, with the use of vertical stair lifts. Vertical stair lifts help you negotiate any distance between two locations that is straight up and down, much like an elevator.

Often there are places in the home that cannot be accessed by elderly people, those with disabilities, or anyone in a wheelchair. Many people are aware of stair lifts, but are not aware that there are stair lifts that go straight up. Sometimes people have an open space in their homes and are unaware that they would be able to install a vertical stair lift there.

Sometimes vertical stair lifts can be much more comfortable to use for people who are in a wheelchair. Some feel it is just easier to get into a lift and go straight up, instead of using ascending stair lifts, and that’s just fine. That’s why the vertical stair lifts have been made.

Free Standing Vertical Stair Lifts

Free standing vertical stair lifts have been designed so that they do not put any pressure or strain on load bearing walls. Because they are free standing, they are self-contained and you do not have to worry about retrofitting or having to overhaul your home’s walls. This makes for a lot less hassle and makes installation easy and will put your mind at ease, as you can feel safe that it is not impacting the structure or safety of your home.

For many people, having the luxury of an elevator-style apparatus is a real boon to them. Because so many people are used to riding in elevators, the vertical lift feels comfortable to them. Not only that, but vertical lifts are easy to use for people who are not in wheelchairs as well. This means that if you have visitors to the house or have other people living in it, they can use the vertical stair lift with generally little problem and it’s east fog ire out as well.

Built In Vertical Stair Lifts

For some homes or even businesses, there are more elaborate types of vertical lifts that are closer to elevator style than the free standing vertical lifts. These lifts are actually built in to the home or business. They are extremely sturdy and very reliable. And again, because they are so much like elevators, everyone is comfortable using them.

The control panel can also be installed not only at the height you want but also on the side of the lift you designate for ease of use. This means that they can accommodate people who are right-handed or left-handed, and you will not have to stretch too far or reach very high when you are engaging the controls to operate the vertical stair lift.

Because vertical stair lifts go straight up, they really do not take up a lot of horizontal space. This is very space saving for the home or business. Vertical stair lifts are a very attractive and safe option for your home or business.

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