Short Rise Lifts

Short Rise Lifts

Short rise stair lifts are a tremendous boon to users and business owners everywhere, enabling elderly people and those with disabilities to have access to a location that they otherwise might not be able to enter. Not only is this just good business, but it is the law as well – the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 and the Equality Act of 2010 make it clear that I is unlawful to discriminate against people who have disabilities. Short rise stair lifts are just a good idea to have.

Short Rise Lifts Vs. Ramps

The two main options a business owner has to accommodate people with disabilities are installing a ramp or a lift. While ramps work for some people, lifts can actually be much more comfortable for the people using them, and they also take up much less space than ramps. Furthermore, they are much easier for a person to use than the ramp option.

The short rise lifts are a mechanism that ferries people up and down stairs. Instead of having to use their own energy to get from downstairs to upstairs, the power of the lift takes the work away from them and puts it on the machine to convey them comfortably where they want to go.

Portable Short Rise Lifts

There are even portable short rise stair lifts that can be used in a temporary situation. These stair lifts can be disassembled and reassembled depending on where they are needed. This can be very handy if there is a special event taking place, for example, or if one is expecting a temporary influx of visitors somewhere.

Features of Short Rise Lifts

Short rise stair lifts today are generally easy to install and easy to use, making life much less difficult for everyone involved. Modern technology has created (along with smart engineers) short rise stair lifts that are basically “plug and go”, requiring little to no detailed setup or waiting.

They tend to be low maintenance, and you can select what model you would like depending on if it will be used indoors or outdoors. Many models can be used just about anywhere. Most of the maintenance you will experience with these kinds of stair lifts is in replacing the batteries. The batteries tend to be sturdy and long-lasting, and generally have warranties that last from one to three years, depending on the type of stair lift you get.

These types of stair lifts are general easy to store if they need to be disassembled. Once they are taken apart, the pieces are much more compact, so they do not take up a gargantuan amount of storage space when they are put away.

They also tend to come with some great safety features. Having seatbelts is one example of this. It may seem like a short journey, but especially for elderly people, if there is a fall it can be quite devastating, so this is where seatbelts can really come in handy. Also, many of them offer an adjustable seat height which can make transporting people both safer and easier.

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