Compare Stairlifts

Compare Stairlifts

As you may have already seen, there are several different brands of stairlifts. Some companies have a larger presence in Europe and others are larger in the United States and Canada. You have probably wondered what the difference is among them. There are quite a few features that you should pay close attention to when purchasing a stairlift. Prior to making any decisions hastily, it’s important that you allot your maximum budget and stay within that figure. In addition, keep in mind that both houses and disabilities vary and before you think about purchasing a stairlift, find out if a stairlift is worth the investment first.

What to Compare

By browsing a few pages on the net you’ll learn that there are plenty of stairlift brands. They vary in design, price and features. The truth is that depending on your budget and your needs, you’ll find a stairlift that suits you. If you are entirely in the dark when it comes to selecting a unit, for instance, if you’re buying for a family member and you don’t know what to look for, pay close attention to the following stairlift factors:

• Types – there are two types of stairlifts that are widely used: straight and curved. You should choose the type that can be installed at your home with no problems.

• Specifications – some can handle more weight than others, you should also look at motor capacity.

• Prices – the price may range from $1,500 to $4,000. Choose the one that best fits your budget.

Running on Batteries or Electricity

One important feature that you can base your comparison on is the capability of the stairlift to run on batteries. The majority of the stairlifts only run on electricity, and if by any reason there was a power outage, your stairlift would be useless. On the other hand, battery-powered stairlifts can rely solely on the batteries. They do operate a bit differently. Electric stairlifts are plugged into the power outlet all the time, whereas battery-powered ones are not. The battery will have the opportunity to recharge itself every time the stairlift is not being used. However, you have to keep in mind that you’ll need to replace the batteries whenever they run out of juice. If you live in an area where power outages are common, the battery-powered stairlift might be your best choice but battery replacement is a recurring cost and electric works wonderfully in most areas.

Renting vs. Buying

Stairlifts are heavy equipment that must be installed properly. They come with parts that need to be assembled correctly otherwise it could be dangerous. Prices are high and not everybody has a budget to afford a lift. A great alternative is to rent one for a while instead of purchasing one. This option works best for those that are suffering a temporary disability. If you know beforehand that you will need a stairlift only for a fixed period of time then you should definitely look into renting a stairlift instead of buying one.

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