Stairlifts Prices

Stairlifts Prices

The amount of money that it will cost for you to get a stairlift in your home will vary. Some stairlifts can cost several thousands of dollars. It’s not unusual to find stairlifts that are close to three-thousand dollars in value. While three grand may seem to be a steep price, the stairlift is a hefty piece of equipment and you’ll be getting the following when you opt to purchase:

• A chair featuring comfort foam technology

• All necessary wiring/ electrical

• Custom sized lengths of track for your stairwell - any curves or special measurements are taken into account.

• The battery that it uses, (if run on battery power)

• The cost of installation

Types of Stairlift Financing

You can find stairlifts through a variety of sources. While these are common sense places to start looking for financing, be sure to investigate all options to get your best rate!

• A manufacturer may help you out with a general financing plan. This is great if you want to pay in installments instead of all at once.

• A general loan can pay for your lift. Companies accept large amounts of money through loans for stairlifts. You will be expected to pay everything back.

• You could finance a lift through a reverse mortgage. If you plan on living on your property until your death, this option will especially work wonderfully if you’ve paid off a large portion of your mortgage.

How to Save Money

You can save money by doing a few simple things to keep the cost down:

• You could consider a used lift. These lifts can sometimes be guaranteed.

• You can ask people that you know to install the lift. Professional installation can cost thousands of dollars. Though professional installation is the ideal way, handy contractors can usually tackle the job.

• Think about the luxury of the chair. Some chairs can cost up to five hundred dollars! Getting a simple chair that is not too posh yet will one that’ll be comfortable for you to sit in for a few minutes is ideal for budget-minded folks.

Initial Cost Versus Long-Term Benefit

The major issue regarding the price of a lift is that it is a long-term investment. People are living longer than ever before and therefore, you are more likely to use your lift for a longer period of time in old age. By getting a stairlift, immobilized or handicapped people often experience a feeling of accomplishment after being able to access their entire home again. Stairlifts are made to provide those that use them freedom and access previously unattainable.

Finally, the best benefit of a stairlift is that you can avoid injuries from falling on your stairs when you use a lift. Medical bills from falls can be incredibly high. Buying a stairlift will help you to keep from dealing with falling down. Be sure to consider the prices of stairlifts available on the market. Lifts can be expensive but they can often be financed and will save you money and trouble.

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