Stairlift Servicing

Stairlift Servicing

Making the decision to purchase a stairlift can be rather difficult because it involves putting out a large investment. In addition to the upfront payment, you must keep in mind that there are other maintenance requirements that you should consider before purchase. Assuming that you are purchasing your stairlift from an authorized dealer, they should be able to provide you with the proper servicing that a stairlift requires. Usually, there is a warranty that covers the majority of the parts. This warranty can cover anywhere from one to two years, but can be voided if you break the stipulations presented in the documentation.

Stairlift Repair

Whenever you encounter problems with your stairlift, the first thing you should do is contact the company that sold it to you. This is because the lift is probably still under warranty. If this is the case, the company will send out a technician to check your stairlift and replace the parts that are broken or worn. In contrast, if you have already had your stairlift for a while and the warranty has expired, you can still contact the company but will have to pay for the service and parts. You also have the option to hire private repair companies. Companies such as Sterling Stairlifts specialize in providing top-notch repair services. They can repair virtually any model and brand of stairlifts and they offer free consultations via phone for you to get a quote!

Warranty for Parts

If you check the warranty that covers your stairlift you will probably see that it only covers the parts. This means that if you need service requiring a new motor, belt or chair, you will be able to call the company and have them come to your home to repair the machine. Still, labor fees will be charged to you separately. You might want to keep in mind that stairlifts aren’t too difficult to repair and it shouldn’t be extremely difficult to find a small repair company to handle the job. Finding the parts on your own is a different story because it can be quite trying to locate the proper parts needed for your specific make, model and year. Even though it’s not common, you might be able to find parts through bulk bidding sites such as Alibaba.

Finding Affordable Service

There are plenty of companies that offer affordable repair services. If you have already checked with your distributor and they quote you a labor rate that’s too high, turn to a different repair service. For example, Stairlift Maintenance Services not only offers new and reconditioned stairlifts at awesome prices, they also have established themselves as an extremely affordable repair company. They specialize in offering service to those who’s warranties have already expired or those who’ve purchased used stairlifts from somewhere besides the direct manufacturer. Another company that offers repair services is Illinois Stairlift. They are a team of experts that provide excellent service. Usually, they can get you a quote within 24 hours of your request.

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