Stairlifts Rental

Stairlifts Rental

You don’t necessarily have to buy a new lift for your home. You can easily rent one of many different stairlifts. This option works wonderfully because you get a stairlift for exactly as long as you need it. Once a new home has been furnished, a new unit can be installed and rented on a monthly basis.

Leasing Options for Stairlifts

There are leasing choices to consider when you are looking for stairlifts. There are plenty of options usually involve set periods of time over which you can rent a lift through a lease. Depending on the unit and the company offering leasing options, terms usually range between months and years though some companies will offer month to month rental. Some leases may allow you to renew your lease after the period ends. Your lift will be removed from your property if you choose to not renew your lease.

Why Rent Versus Buy

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider renting a lift instead of buying one. Some factors include:

• Renting is easier to handle from a financial standpoint. It will cost about $100 to rent a stairlift every month instead of the $3,000 or more that it might cost to purchase a stairlift for your home.

• The cost of getting your lift installed can be cheaper if you rent a lift instead of buy one. It might cost about $500 to $700 to install and take down a temporary lift.

• Sometimes you may not have permanent need for a stairlift. You might only need it for a few months due to an injury, for example.

• You could need to move to a new home in the future. You won’t have to worry about wasting money on a permanent lift in a home that you won’t be living in for long.

Cheapest Options in Getting a Stairlift

It’s always better to consider cheap alternatives if you want to find a lift that fits your needs. Here are a few of the best, cheapest options to consider. All of the following work well as rentals:

• One cheap option is opting for the standard chair materials. These are simple materials that have small backs that will only support the lower back and will feature smaller arm rests.

• A lightweight lift could be of use. A lighter lift will be cheaper because it handles smaller amounts of weight. Usually the least a stairlift will carry is 300 pounds. For most average-sized Americans, this light carry weight will work out well.

• Reconditioned lifts can also be of great help. A reconditioned lift can be inspected and repaired to work like new even if it’s an older unit. This convenient option will help you get a good lift without spending too much money on upsold bells and whistles.

If you’re looking for a great deal on a stairlift there are rental options that can fit the needs of anyone. A rental will help you get the lift you want without spending a ton!

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