Disabled Stairlifts

Disabled Stairlifts

Automatic stairlifts are specially designed for disabled individuals who are not able to use the regular steps to reach floors above the first. In other words, stairlifts are for people who have acute mobility problems and need assistance for moving around their house. Such individuals may be bound to wheelchairs for getting around, but when it comes to getting the person up and down floors, wheelchairs are inadequate. Stairlifts for disabled persons are modified versions of conventional stairlifts, which are mostly used by the elderly once they develop mobility problems and others who have sustained severe injuries leading to temporary or permanent loss of mobility.

Better Help for the Disabled

In these days, every shopping mall has stairs and escalators. Other public places like hospitals, banks and airports also have handicapped-accessible multistoried buildings. Laws may require stairlifts by mandate for facilities that aren’t already outfitted with handicapped accessibility options. Disabled stairlifts offer a simple solution. Many of these stairlifts let the disabled person get into the lift along with their wheelchair. There are laws athat ensure disabled people access to public facilities. Facilities must install stairlifts for disabled individuals and the installation of stairlifts, ramps and other accessibility options are enforced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Disabled stairlifts are available for single flights as well as for structures with two floors or more. There are also supposed to be buttons installed that call for assistance when the stairlift reaches its destination.

Disabled Stairlifts Reviews

There are many stairlifts that can be folded and used as stand lifts. They are useful for all people in the household. The seats of the disabled stairlifts can also be folded up when not in use. Effectively, the disabled members of the household can access the entire house without obstructing normal use of the stairs. One of the well-known stairlift companies is the Bruno Stairlift from M.C. Mobility Systems. This stairlift has a footrest and hand rests. It features a swivel chair enabling a disabled person to get up easily without the need of assistance. The speed of movement on the lift is reasonable. You may want to visit the website Stairlift Reviews for more information about different brands.

Wheelchair Stairlifts

There are wheelchairs that can climb stairs but the technology has yet to be perfected. Many of these are manually operated. They have an automatic lifting system that is operated using by the person who’s climbing the stairs. Wheelchair lifts are tools that will help your disabled loved one regain his or her independence around their own home. Not only are stairlifts available for inside of the house but they can also be rigged for stairs outdoors. ThyssenKrupp, for example, offers an extremely wide variety of wheelchair lifts from which you can choose a model that suits you. A few of their latest models include:

• Journey
• PL-P
• Supra

Even though stairlifts are large pieces of equipment, they’re easy to install. ThyssenKrupp offers an installation guide that makes it easy for anyone.

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