Cost of Stairlifts

Cost of Stairlifts

Stairlifts are small lifts that can be installed on any stair’s railings. The function of these stairlifts is similar to that of traditional lifts and elevators. However, these are much smaller lifts used mostly in homes. Stairlifts are essentially used to mechanically transport a single person up or down the stairs. The major advantage that this equipment offers is that they cost considerably less when compared to any normal elevators or lifts. Even still, the price will vary from one manufacturer to another. The cost can be considered quite expensive if you’re on a limited budget. You may be spending anywhere from $1,500 to $4,000.

What to Look for in Stairlifts

What you look for in a stairlift will be based solely on your own individual needs. A few of the things that you may want to look for include:

• Contemporary stairlifts can run either on AC or on batteries – if power outages are common in your area, batteries would work better
• People differ in height – check if the height of the stairlift chair can be adjusted
• The rails should be strong and able to withstand regular usage of the stairlift
• The length of the rail should preferably not exceed the length of stairs
• The stairlifts should conform to the standards for such lifts stipulated by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
• Additional features such as a seat belt always make the stairlift a lot safer

Different Stairlifts, Different Prices

Stairlifts are broadly divided into four categories. These categories are:

• Straight
• Curved
• Multistoried
• Outdoor

The straight stairlift is the one used the most; it’s usually found in hospital and domestic environments. They are also considerably easy to install. Curved stairlifts are pricier because they accommodate bends, turns and half landings. Multistoried stairlifts are indeed for multistoried buildings, and outdoor stairlifts may be used in gardens or on beach front locations. Brand new stairlifts may cost anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000 while reconditioned stairlifts may be available at lower prices. Price ultimately depends on the make, features and specifications. Heavy duty stairlifts are likely to cost more. Likewise, stairlifts that run on both DC as well as AC are more expensive when compared to the stairlifts that run only on batteries.

How to Find Low-Cost Stairlifts

There are great websites that offer low cost stairlifts. A couple of known websites are Stairlift Trader and Low Cost Stairlifts. While buying any stairlift, it’s necessary to remember that there will be other costs involved such as cost of installation, parts and modifications. At times, new low cost stairlifts may not have all the desired features as a reconditioned one. If your budget is a bit constrained, then opting for reconditioned one might be wiser provided that it comes with a one year guarantee and isn’t a defective product that has been temporarily out of service. Since stairlifts are used for disabled loved ones and elderly people, it’s important to confirm whether there will be any safety problems with this equipment or its parts.

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