Stairlifts for Sale

Stairlifts for Sale

You can find great stairlifts for sale through all sorts of dealers. Stairlifts can help you have an easier time getting around your house in the event that the stairs in your home have become too difficult for you to handle. There are lifts for sale on the internet and there are even specific loans available for stairlift installation under certain circumstances.

Options for Handicapped in Multi-Story Homes

There are surprisingly plenty of options when it comes to stairlifts if you’re looking into a multi-story home but have someone in the family that’s wheelchair bound, you may find that any of the following reasons to get a stairlift have come up as a topic of discussion within your family. Multi-story houses don’t have to be mostly inaccessible for those in wheelchairs anymore!

• There are stairlifts that work using a direct power line from your electricity and there are those that work using a battery that connects to your power source. This makes it possible for folks using wheelchairs or walkers to ascend and descend freely as they please and in the case of battery-operated units, even in the case of a power outage.

• Some lifts feature comfortable seats. Some lifts feature chairs that can recline in different positions and can help you to keep your legs upright when you are being lifted up the stairs. A soft cushion material with comfortable arm rests can is fitted over a plastic frame.

• Curved lifts are can do more than navigate around curved staircases. They can be set up to feature an outward-facing curve at the bottom and top of the steps that will allow you to get into the chair more easily.

• A single stairlift can be used for stairs all the way up to the top floor of a house.

Buying a Stairlift Versus Renting

It helps to consider a few things when it comes to choosing whether to buy or rent a lift. Ultimately the important thing is saving money and getting the most value. Consider the following if you’re in need of a stairlift:

• You only need to install your stairlift once. This is different from renting as you have to set up your rented lift in each new home you occupy.

• Consider how long you’ll be using the lift. While temporary injuries may be easier to deal with using a rented stairlift, permanent disabilities may lead you to buy a lift instead.

• The cost of a lift can vary greatly. It will cost around $1,500 to buy a lift not including installation. It usually costs about $50 to $100 per month to rent one.

Applying for Grants for Stairlift Costs

You may be able to apply for a grant to cover the costs of a lift. These are available to people who need stairlifts as a medical support device because it involves your ability to move up and down your stairs. You can get a grant by applying specifically for a “mobility assistance grant” from the government.

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