Automatic Stair Lifts

Automatic Stair Lifts

Automatic stair lifts are moveable lifts that consist of a chair or platform that runs along metal tracks. There are various types of automatic stair lifts like straight lifts, curved lifts and wheelchair platform chair lifts. Each kind of lift is meant to cater to the different needs of stair lift customers. Modern automatic stair lifts are made to be reliable and safe. Depending on the model, the stair lift can be used outdoors or indoors. Another aspect that is particular to this lift type is the power supply off which it runs: AC or DC. Stair lifts that contain backup battery packs can be operated even if the power goes out.

Automatic Excel Stair Lifts

In the mobility device industry, the Excel brand is a leader. The stair lifts made by Excel are built to last and can be folded when not in used in order to save space on the staircase. Most Excel stair lifts can hold a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. While all models come with a wireless remote, they can also be customized to include a joystick, which is great for people who have limited use of their hands.

Like most other brands, the automatic stair lifts made by Excel come equipped with swivel seats and seat belts. The obstruction sensors on these lifts will detect any obstruction that comes in the lift's path. Other standard features on Excel lifts include power cables and covered gear racks, both of which ensure a smoother, more quiet ride.

And in terms of price, Excel has several very affordable models that are currently on the market. Those who are interested in an Excel stair lift will be able to find a model that suits not only their budget but also their staircase's configuration. No matter what type of Excel model you choose, you will be able to effortlessly navigate your staircase and enjoy the freedom of accessing the upper levels of your home. Of course, there are other excellent automatic stair lifts on the market.

Bruno Automatic Stair Lifts

One of the best automatic stair lifts on the market is the Electra-Ride Elite by Bruno. All of the user controls on this device are automatic. This ultra-compact, unique stair lift has special features designed for user comfort, such as an adjustable armrest width, footrest height and seat height. When not in use, all of these parts fold in order to save staircase space.

ThyssenKrupp Automatic Stair Lifts

The Stair-Glide by ThyssenKrupp is another fantastic automatic lift. This stair lift is packed full of features. Some of its most distinctive features include a holdable pendant control, fold-up arms, seat belt, footrest obstruction sensors, fold-up arms, cut-off switch for the swivel seat, call/send controls and a joystick mechanism.

Other Automatic Lifts Worth Mentioning

There is an enormous selection of automatic stair lifts on the market. Some other notable lifts worth mentioning include:

* Electra-Ride's LT, Elite, II, III and Elite Outdoor
* The Flow II
* Citia
* Stair-Glide
* B.07
* Step Saver straight staircase version
* The ThyssenKrupp Access
* Savaria Concord.

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