Home Stair Lifts

Home Stair Lifts

If you decide to look into buying one of the latest home stair lifts on the market, buying one can give you a priceless advantage. It will help you or the person for whom it is intended reach all of the stories in the home without assistance. Because there is a wide variety of brands and models of home stair lifts on the market, picking the best one for your house and your needs can be a daunting challenge. This is especially true for those who are not schooled on the current lift technologies utilized in these devices. Before you can even begin comparison shopping, you need to understand a little bit about how home stair lifts work.

The Operating Process of Home Stair Lifts

Virtually all home stair lifts operate in the same manner. Each unit is comprised of a covered motor and a seat. The unit is designed to travel up and down a track that is mounted on either the wall or the stairs themselves.

However, the motorized system by which stair lifts work can be grouped into one of two categories. The first type of system is called the Rack and Pinion. With the Rack and Pinion, a series of gears helps the lift seat travel up and down the track. The other kind of system is the Cable Driven. With Cable Driven systems, the unit is moved by pulleys and cables. The majority of home stair lifts utilize the Cable Drive system because it is easier to maintain.

Finding a Home Stair Lift

Even though the stair lift industry has seen a boost in demand and a slump in prices, consumers find that home stair lifts are not easy to find in physical stores. According to statistics, almost 90 percent of the lifts bought in the United States have been bought via Internet-based distributors and dealers.

However, buying a home stair lift through the Internet or over the telephone may save you up to one thousand dollars without having to sacrifice a warranty or exceptional service. If you do decide to buy a unit online, be sure to find out whether or not the dealer has the manufacturer's authorization to sell home stair lifts. If they have authorization, you can rest easy knowing you will be doing business with a representative trained by the factory who is also knowledgeable about the brand.

The Price of Home Stair Lifts

The cost for brand new home stair lifts will fall anywhere from $1,500-$3,500 USD, depending on the particular brand and model. And since the unit will have to installed by a professional, the cost of buying one will increase from $500-$1,000 USD extra. While it is not recommended to self-install, you can certainly choose to do so if you follow the provided instructions to the letter. These instructions can be found on the vendor's website or ordered from the manufacturer. Before deciding to install it yourself, take a look at the corresponding instructions to make sure it is something you can handle by yourself.

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