Stair Lifts Prices

Stair Lifts Prices

Just like other technology-based products, stair lifts provide features that were not thought possible ten years ago. And because there are so many options available, choosing the right stair lift model can be difficult. Consumers have to consider what they need the stair lift to do, what options are most important and the stair lifts prices. Some people may have concerns about the upholstery on the seat as they want to match the chair to the house's decor scheme. Models of stair lifts prices that are expensive provide a lot of extra choices, like upholstery. But if these features are unimportant, consumers can get a stair lift at much cheaper stair lifts prices.

Straight and Curved

Although there are other kinds of lifts, such as perches, platforms and outdoor, stair lifts come in two main varieties: straight and curved. Each one is available at very different ranges of stair lifts prices. Curved models come at higher stair lifts prices and are made to fit on staircases that curve. Straight models are usually available at lower stair lifts prices and can be installed on standard, straight staircases. Homes that have tri-level staircases will benefit from curved stair lifts because these lifts allow the user to travel from top to bottom without the need for two or three lifts.


In the United States, straight stair lifts prices usually start at $1,700 USD for the most basic models. However, reconditioned models that pack more features can be bought at a cheaper price of about $1,6500 USD. Whether brand new or reconditioned by the manufacturer, most stair lifts have at least a one-year warranty. Those who need a curved stair lift should expect to pay somewhere from $4,000-$5,000 USD.

Of course, the cost to operate a stair lift must also be taken into consideration when making a purchase. Today's consumers are price-conscious when it comes to fuel bills. However, most stair lifts only cost a few cents on the dollar to use. The per-day price of running a stair lift can be compared to the amount of power used to boil water on an electric stove.

Safety Points

Every stair lift on the market comes equipped with a seat belt. Belts are required on stair lifts the same way they are mandatory for cars. Experts recommend that users wear the belt at all times during movement. In addition, sensors are incorporated into the units' footplate. These sensors will automatically detect any objects on the staircase, stopping the lift when something is detected.

Stair lifts are also powered off of rechargeable batteries. This feature eliminates the need for trailing wires that may pose a tripping hazard or electric shock risk. In the event a stair lift malfunctions, the unit will display an error number or flashing light sequence. This information will allow the owner to help the engineer clearly identify the problem, even over the telephone. The majority of models have foldable footplates, seats and arms in order to let other people use the staircase without having to squeeze by the unit when it is not in use.

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