Curved Stair Lifts

Curved Stair Lifts

If you are physically unable to reach all of the levels in your home, but you do not have a straight staircase, you should consider buying one of the many curved stair lifts on the market. But before you make a purchase, you need to know more about how curved stair lifts work and how you can save money on the cost of these rather expensive mobility devices.

There are six different ways you can reduce the cost of buying curved stair lifts. In some cases, you can use multiple straight staircase lifts as an alternative to curved lifts. Also, some health insurance companies will defray the cost of these devices. If not, there are financial aid organizations that can help. And when comparison shopping, obtain quotes from a variety of vendors. Finally, avoid getting and unnecessary add-ons and always ask for any applicable discounts.

Straight Stair Lifts As an Alternative to Curved Stair Lifts

Depending on the particular staircase, straight stair lifts may be an option. If you have an "L" shaped staircase, you can use two lifts, one for each section. You can also use a straight lift if the only curve in the staircase is located at the very bottom. In this case, you can add a foldable, hinged bridge made of metal or wood. This bridge will allow the device to reach the end of the staircase.

Health Insurance and Financial Assistance for Curved Stair Lifts

Since Medicaid and Medicare do not usually cover the cost of a stair lift, these insurers are not your best bet. If you have supplemental Medicare coverage, you may be able to defray the cost of the lift. Take a look at your insurance policy's "durable equipment" benefits. If you are unsure as to whether or not your insurer will cover the cost of curved stair lifts, give the company a call and ask a representative. It may be possible to get at least partial reimbursement for the price of a stair lift.

In the event insurance coverage is not an option, there are financial assistance organizations in the United States that can help. These organizations limit their assistance to those who are not covered by private insurance or Medicare. The Veteran's Administration and the Visiting Nurses Association are two such organizations.

Multiple Curved Stair Lift Quotes

One you are ready to buy a stair lift, contact the installers and distributors in your local area. Make sure to obtain as many quotes as possible in order to get the cheapest price. Most suppliers of curved stair lifts will provide no-cost estimates.

Say No to Add-Ons and Yes to Discounts

Inquire about any discounts the stair lift company offers. Thanks to the current economic client, many vendors are willing to make a deal. Because the price of curved stair lifts is expensive, suppliers tend to earn huge profits from these devices; therefore, they will discount prices in order to keep up with their competition. And if you are on a tight budget, resist purchasing any add-ons that do not add to the unit's usability or safety.

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