Stair Lifts for Disabled

Stair Lifts for Disabled

When people get to a certain point in their life, they may experience a lot of painful stress on their joints, especially their knees. And when climbing a staircase, this can pose a huge problem. Stair lifts for disabled people are meant to help anyone who has knee troubles or other physical limitations. In addition, stair lifts for disabled people make it more easy and safe for them to travel between the stories of their home. However, there are a few points to consider before buying one of these mobility devices.

Installing Stair Lifts for Disabled People

Most people mistakenly believe that all stair lifts will be installed directly to the wall. However, these devices contain a rail that can be secured to the treads on the staircase regardless of whether the lift is for straight or curved staircases. The rails supports all of the weight that is placed on the device's chair. Therefore, stair lifts for disabled people can even be installed if the surrounding walls are weak.

Usually, it takes 2-3 hours in order to install straight stair lifts. However, it can be anywhere from 5-6 hours to complete a curved stair lift installation. The measuring time and manufacturing process for curved stair lifts is much longer as opposed to that for straight ones. Sometimes, it may take weeks in order to build a custom curved lift.

Stair Lift Batteries and Weight Capacity

Those who decide to buy a stair lift with a battery pack will appreciate the fact that they can use their mobility device even during a power outage. When the lift is not being used, the batteries will automatically charge. The majority of stair lifts for disabled people can support a maximum weight ranging from 250-400 pounds; the load capacity will depend on the particular model.

The Cost of Stair Lifts for Disabled People

The cost for a standard straight lift for disabled people ranges from $2,000-$4,000 USD while curved lifts can be twice the amount, usually $5,000-$10,000 USD. If a curved lift requires extensive customization and staircase configuration, the price can even hit a peak of $15,000 USD. Those who feel the price of a stair lift is out of their budget can rent or finance one.

Paying for a Stair Lift

Since stair lift are considered to be a type of home modification, Medicare will not cover any of the associated costs. But Medicaid and private insurers may help defray some of the expenses. Even so, the particular vendor must have an agreement with these programs. Those who do not have any health insurance should look into getting a loan from a financial institution or finance offer from the stair lift dealer.

Those who are handicapped or who are experiencing a decrease in their mobility as they age do not have to be confined to the main level of their home. They also do not have to move out of their multi-story house because they cannot reach the upstairs portion of the house or they are worried about falling while using the staircase. Stair lifts for disabled people offers the priceless feelings of independence and comfort.

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