Temporary Stair Lifts

Temporary Stair Lifts

For most people, the act of climbing up and down a staircase is simple. It is just a regular activity performed multiple times per day with little thought or effort. But for physically handicapped people and the elderly, staircases can be an intimidating obstacle that prevents them from enjoying life in their own home. Anyone who struggles with the staircase in their home should consider getting a stair lift permanently installed.

Temporary Stair Lifts for Short-Term Use

However, for people who have undergone surgery or are suffering from a injury that will eventually heal, a permanent lift is not necessary. If you need to use a stair lift for a short time period, temporary stair lifts are your best bet. The easiest way to get a hold of temporary stair lifts is to look towards rental mobility device companies.

How a Temporary Stair Lift Works

Essentially, temporary stair lifts are no different from permanent ones. They both work in the same manner. Through the use of electricity or a battery pack, the lift's chair or platform will travel up and down a rail that is installed along the staircase. With one button touch or joystick move, the individual can control the movement of the stair lift in order to go up and down the staircase.

When it comes to convenience, electric temporary stair lifts are the best. Those with battery packs can be a slight hassle because the batteries have to charge ever so often. But temporary stair lifts that operate off electricity and a backup battery pack are ideal because while they mainly rely on electricity, the batteries kick in if the power goes out.

Renting a Temporary Stair Lift

Even though most consumers choose to buy a stair lift outright, this is not always the best decision. If you only need a stair lift for a short time period, you need to look into renting one. Rental lifts are a great solution for people who are temporarily physically challenged.

For example, someone who has experienced an accident that has left them with a broken leg will eventually recover. But in the interim, this person will need to travel up and down their staircase. For this individual, temporary stair lifts are a lifesaver. Or if someone has decided to let their elderly relative live with them, a temporary stair lift is also a fantastic idea.

The Process of Renting Temporary Stair Lifts

You do not always have to go to a rental company to find temporary stair lifts. Some stair lift sellers also rent these devices. When you contact a company about getting a temporary lift installed in your home, they will send out a representative to survey the staircase for which the lift is needed.

The representative will measure the stairs and discuss your personal stair lift needs. From there, they will tell you about your temporary stair lift options. After the unit is installed, the representative will show you how to use it. When you no longer need the stair lift, the company will send a representative to remove the unit.

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