Stair Lifts Michigan

Stair Lifts Michigan

Stair lifts are a type of mobility device that move in the same diagonal direction as escalators. These lifts are designed to help disabled people and the elderly go upstairs and downstairs without assistance. Stair lifts Michigan dealers have a wide variety of styles and designs available in order to meet the needs of all customers. These lifts are also referred to as stairway lifts; they move at an incline and decline on tracks or rails that are attached to the side of a staircase. The seat in which the user sits is connected to a moveable platform that operates off batteries or electricity.

Other Buildings to Which Stair Lifts Michigan Dealers Supply Lifts

The people who benefit most from stair lifts Michigan dealers lifts are those who are physically unable to navigate staircases. However, some people buy these lifts to transport items like groceries. Stair lifts are great for the elderly, the handicapped and anybody else who has difficulty walking and bending their knees.

Michigan dealers also cater to facilities that serve the disabled and the elderly, such as hospice cares and assisted living centers. Stair lifts Michigan dealers also supply stair lifts to office buildings. In businesses and commercial settings, stair lifts are usually powered by DC, or Direct Current, rechargeable battery packs. This power option allows the unit to charge when not in use.

The Variety Available from Stair Lifts Michigan Dealers

There is a wide variety of units available from stair lifts Michigan dealers, such as straight lifts. Straight stair lifts are hands down the most frequently purchased lifts by consumers. These lifts are installed along standard, straight staircases, which are the most common staircases seen in homes across America. These units are simple to use and require little to no modifications. Usually, the length of the track is the only aspect that needs to be adjusted so it can match the staircase's length.

However, stair lifts Michigan dealers also have curved stair lifts. Curved lifts are customized in order to fit the turns and bends of the particular staircase. But they operate in the same way as straight units. The rails and track will have to be specially made in order to fit the staircase, which means the manufacturing process can take up to three months. Other lifts offered by stair lifts Michigan dealers are outdoor units and platform lifts.

The Cost of Stair Lifts from Michigan Dealers

Generally, straight lifts are relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, curved ones are quite pricey because they must be custom made and they are harder to design, build and install. Platform stair lifts are a little bit different from standard chair lifts because there is a platform step in place of a chair. Outdoor lifts are quite similar to indoor ones except outdoor stair lifts are coated with weather-protection materials to preserve the condition of the unit. Stair lifts are a common solution to the problem of climbing up and down staircases. Contact a stair lifts Michigan dealer for more information.

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