Commercial Stair Lifts

Commercial Stair Lifts

Commercial stair lifts are a type of mechanical lifting device that is used in a business or a commercial building. These devices are made to help customers, visitors and faculty have access to all parts of the building that are on a second floor or higher. These Stair lifts are commonly used by physically handicapped individuals and older people who tend to struggle when trying to get up and down staircases. Since wheelchair lifts in the home are specially designed for the individuals who use them, commercial stair lifts are different in the features and capabilities to match different situations. If you are considering purchasing a commercial lift for your office building, there are a few points you need to know about how these devices work.

Using Commercial Stair Lifts

Commercial stair lifts usually only come in vertical lift models for a variety of reasons. A commercial stair lift typically has a motor-driven platform. This platform is designed to move through several different floor level. Each model comes equipped with an internal switch that allows the rider to control the lift. These devices also have Call-Send controls and other necessary safety measures that are not usually found in residential models because these features are not needed for individual use. Commercial stair lifts are generally not able to be used by individuals who cannot bend their knees because the lifts are not built with a swivel seat.

Stair lifts that have platforms are usually found in commercial buildings. They are popular in commercial settings because they can accommodate habitual wheelchair users, cane-users and other physically challenged people who are unable to climb stairs. The technology and mechanical workings of commercial and home stair lifts are almost the same in many ways. However, commercial stair lifts have a heavy-duty mechanism that can withstand constant wear and tear that is typical when heavily used by numerous people. Commercial stair lifts are more flexible to install in varying architectural designs. In addition, these lifts also have raised controls as a safety precaution to prevent the misuse the device by children.

Purchasing Commercial Stair Lifts

When purchasing commercial stair lifts, there are some key points that you should consider. Some of the most important aspects to keep in mind include the variety of models, the ease of accessibility, the brand's reputation and the quality of the machine. Stair lift models can be installed in a variety of commercial facilities such as hospitals, churches, office spaces and many other public places.

Experts recommend that consumers analyze the accessibility requirements of the base set of users and match their needs to the features of the available models on the market. Well-known brands of commercial stair lift models tend to excel in quality and ensure durability and great performance. Some reliable brands to keep in mind are Savaria Concord, Adaptive Engineering and ThyssenKrupp. All three of these companies offer a wide variety of portable wheelchair lifts, vertical platform lifts and inclined platform lifts to meet the needs of all commercial buyers.

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