How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost

How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost

Stair lifts are available in a multitude of applications and designs. Some come with electricity-powered rails that are attached to the side of a staircase. Others are battery operated. Those who are looking to rent or buy one of these mobility devices tend to first ask how much do stair lifts cost.

How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost: Your Staircase Configuration

When asking how much do stair lifts cost, you have to think about your staircase's particular configuration. No matter if you plan to rent or buy a lift, the configuration matters. Straight stair lifts are much cheaper because they can easily fit any straight staircase length. However, curved lifts are a lot more expensive because they have to be made to fit each and every unique curve and angle of a staircase.

How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost: It Depends on the Retailer

When it comes to figuring out how much do stair lifts cost, it will also depend on where you buy the stair lift. It is recommended to comparison shop in order to get the best deal. Once you collect quotes from several retailers, compare the price of the unit, the time period of the warranty and the cost of installation. If you determine that outright buying a unit is not possible with your budget, you should consider renting a unit from a rental center.

How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost: Example Prices

Generally, straight stair lifts come with a price tag that ranges from $2,800-$4,000 USD. While this seems expensive, straight models are the cheapest. If you need a customized curved lift, you will have to pay $15,000 USD or more. Most dealers will give a quote that includes installation. And if you live in an area that requires site inspections and permits, expect to pay a little bit more.

If your budget is extremely tight, there is always the option of buying a second-hand stair lift. Pre-owned units can save you a ton of money. And of course, you can always rent one. If you decide to purchase a stair lift that has been reconditioned by the manufacturer, you will only have to spend about $1,900 USD and you will get a one-year warranty; this estimation includes the cost of installation.

How Much Do Stair Lifts Cost: Financial Options

If you are concerned about how much do stair lifts cost, there are a few ways to pay for a unit. Sometimes, Medicare will reimburse you for the price of the device's chair or platform. There are many dealers who offer in-house financing. You can also take out a personal loan, get a reverse mortgage, apply for a home equity loan or seek out a grant.

Remember, in order to get an accurate quote, the supplier must come out to your home to assess and measure the staircase. Once again, be sure to collect a few different quotes so you can comparison shop. If you clearly communicate your budget constraints with the stair lift dealer, they will work with you to help you find an affordable lift model.

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