Stair Lifts Costs

Stair Lifts Costs

If you need a way to reach every level in your house and you cannot climb the stairs by yourself, you have probably considered buying a stair lift. Like most people in your situation, you are probably worried about stair lifts costs. However, stair lifts costs are more affordable than you may think. Besides, the mobility and freedom they can provide is worth every cent.

The History of Stair Lifts

Modern stair lifts are built in a manner that allows them to be attached to a staircase via a rail. A chair or platform will move up and down along the rail, which runs parallel with the staircase. The earliest model that somewhat resembled the stair lifts of today was made in the 1920s by C.C. Cripsen.

Cripsen was Pennsylvanian businessman who is credited with the invention of stair lifts. The model he invented was dubbed the "Inclin-ator." All of the stair lifts made today are based on the Inclin-ator of yesteryear. In comparison to this early design, modern stair lifts costs are not as expensive. And in general, stair lifts costs are much less that other alternative mobility devices like elevators.

Stair Lifts Costs and Comparisons

In order to get an idea of the various stair lifts costs, you can search for vendor websites or visit local suppliers in your area. It is typical to see price tags that range anywhere form $2,000-$15,000, depending on the design and features. For example, if you have your heart set on a top-of-the-line model that is packed full of extra features, expect to pay a price that falls around the top cost range. Now, if your home has a basic, straight staircase, the stair lifts costs will be much less. But if your home has a curves staircase, you will have no choice but to pay more money.

Other Factors of Stair Lifts Costs

Like the old saying goes, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Take the following into consideration. If you have issues walking up and down staircases, but choose to do so without assistance, you are greatly increasing the chance of becoming injured. In the event that you take a tumble down a staircase, you will need medical attention. Regardless of the medical treatment, it is guaranteed that you will walk away with a hefty bill and perhaps, additional physical challenges.

Taking the above into consideration, you could have save a lot of money by simply purchasing a stair lift. Sure, you may have health insurance but even so, insurance does not always cover the total hospital bill. And in some cases, the insurer will deny your claim. Therefore, think about all the stair lifts costs before you make a final decision. Injuries and accidents are much more expensive than a stair lift. With a stair lift, you can enjoy a peace of mind that is priceless because you will not have to take the risk of becoming injured by simply walking up and down the staircase in your own home.

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