Stand Up Stair Lifts

Stand Up Stair Lifts

If you are suffering from a permanent injury, degenerative disease or other physically handicapped condition that keeps you from being able to climb a flight of stairs because you are wheelchair bound, all hope is not lost. If you live in a multiple-story house and you do not want to move into a single-story home, there is an option for you: stand up stair lifts. With a stand up stair lift, you can simply roll your wheelchair onto a platform, strap the chair on the device and travel up and down the staircase.

Two Reasons for Choosing Stand Up Stair Lifts

There are a few downsides to using a stand up stair lift as opposed to a chair lift, especially in terms of safety. For example, it is very hard, almost impossible, to utilize a seat belt when you are standing. However, this is not a worry for wheelchair users. Therefore, you need to learn more about how the stand up lift models operate before making a purchasing decision.

Overall, there are two main reasons why people either need or simply prefer stand up stair lifts instead of the more frequently purchased chair lifts. One of the reasons for going with a stand up lift are if the staircase for which they are intended is extremely narrow. The other reason is if one is unable to bend their knees and move their legs.

Stand Up Lifts for Narrow Stairways

If you happen to have very narrow stairs in your house, a stand up stair lift may be the right choice for you. Usually, stand up stair lifts can fit a stair width of 30 inches. And in some cases, it can be placed on an even more narrow stairway. These types of stair lifts work well on narrow staircases; the platform takes up less space than a chair because the user stands instead of sits. And when standing, the user's legs will not protrude across the stairway, allowing for a tighter fit.

Stand Up Lifts for Knee and Leg Immobility

If you have a knee or leg immobility problem, you should also look into the available stand up stair lifts on the market. It simply makes sense for you to purchase a stand up lift. In reality, you will need assistance getting in and out of a chair lift if you are reliant on a wheelchair, defeating the entire purpose of a stair lift.

An Alternative to Stand Up Stair Lifts

Before you decide to go out and buy one of the many excellent stand up stair lifts currently available, take a moment to consider a perching stair lift. Perching stair lifts are a mix of chair lifts and standing lifts. With a perch stair lift, you will be able to travel in a slightly more safe manner as opposed to using a stand up lift. Perching lifts have a seat that you lean on instead of sit on; this seat can adjust to your height. Depending on your staircase's width and your physical condition, perching stair lifts may be another choice.

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