Portable Stair Lifts

Portable Stair Lifts

People who have physical limitations or who are confined to a wheelchair need certain accommodations to improve their mobility and to give them freedom. Portable stair lifts are devices that can provide these people with the independence they deserve. And when it comes to easy access around a multi-story home, portable stair lifts are an excellent choice. Besides the safe and reliable assistance these stair lifts give the elderly and physically handicapped, these devices are quite flexible, allowing the user to enjoy mobility on virtually any staircase configuration.

The Variety of Portable Stair Lifts

When it comes to portable stair lifts, there is no limit to the variety of models. Some units consist of chairs in which people sit while others have only a platform for wheelchair users to roll on. Anyone who has back problems, knee issues or other physical injuries will find these devices to be helpful and convenient.

In addition, portable stair lifts can assist users into getting on and off the device if the chair is designed to semi-incline on demand. However, one model does not fit all users. Depending on the user's physical limitations, they may need a certain style. Thankfully, stair lift manufacturers produce a multitude of sizes and designs, all of which have unique selling points and features.

Portable Stair Lifts for Residential and Commercial Settings

With a portable stair lift, environmental and physical barriers no longer present a problem. Thanks to the technological advancements of these devices, anyone who has a disability can be more independent whether they are at home or at the office. They are also ideal in the event that an emergency situation arises that requires a quick evacuation. With a portable lift, the user can evacuate a building without help.

Because these devices are able to be attached to almost any kind of stairway, they are highly versatile regardless of the building's design. Just like standard stair lifts, portable models come in straight and curved varieties for outdoor and indoor use. If necessary, the unit can be customized in order to match a certain environment or situation within a building.

Other Features of Portable Stair Lifts

Manufacturers do not just build portable lifts to be easy to use. They also make them to be safe to use. There are quite a few safety features that the user will appreciate. Among the most well-liked and innovative features of today's safety lifts are integrated sensors. These highly sensitive sensors can detect any obstruction in the unit's path, causing the lift to stop on a dime until the path is clear.

There are other basic features with which portable stair lifts come equipped, such as a maximum weight capacity of 750 pounds as well as key locks that prevent unauthorized access, battery power packs, belt-driven ball screws powered by AC and three hydraulics devices. Most models include a platform with a non-skid surface. Depending on the particular unit, the platform may be 36"x48", 36"x56" or 36"x60." Emergency stop buttons and remote controls may also come standard with a portable stair lift.

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