Disabled Stair Lifts

Disabled Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are a welcome relief to people who have mobility impairment. Disabled stair lifts assist them in reaching the upper floors of their offices and homes. Before the invention of stair lifts, people had to rely on a caregiver to help them up and down the stairs or they would be solely confined to the main level of their home. However, hiring a caretaker is too expensive for most people to afford. In addition, having a caregiver at one's side impacts the individual's privacy.

Outdoor Disabled Stair Lifts

Thanks to disabled stair lifts, handicapped people can utilize their staircase whenever the mood strikes. While these devices can be pricey, most manufacturers and vendors offer payment plans that allow customers to make a small down payment and pay off the balance over time. These units can be used for several years without performing any major maintenance. Because handicapped people have specific needs, the manufacturers of disabled stair lifts have created models with special features.

There are stair lifts made for indoor use and outdoor use. Outdoor stair lifts are strictly made for outside use. The majority of outdoor units offer features like powder-coated paint, weather-resistant coating and electrical enclosure, all of which help protect the units from being damaged by excessive sun exposure, rain, snow and other elements.

Disabled Stair Lift Models

There are disabled stair lifts available for straight staircases and curved staircases. When it comes to cost, straight stair models are the cheapest and the most commonly purchased. Both of these models can be ran by using DC or AC power, depending on the particular unit. Some disabled stair lifts even offer users the option of running the unit off of a battery, which is wonderful in the event of a power outage. For those who want one, there are hydraulic-powered models available too.

Safety Features of Disabled Stair Lifts

The majority of disabled stair lifts are packed full of safety features in order to keep the user secure while using their device. Virtually all brand-name models come equipped with a seat belt and some are even integrated with sensors that detect objects that are in the lift's pathway. When the sensors detect an object, the chair will stop moving in order to avoid hurting the user or damaging the unit. People who want more flexibility with their stair lift should choose a model that is operated via a remote control. If luxury is important, some manufacturers offer an array of upholstery colors and fabrics so customers can match their chair to the space's decor.

Disabled Stair Lift Brands Worth Mentioning

Regardless of the model you choose, be sure to pick one that is known to be comfortable and last a long time. Some of the top brands of disabled stair lifts are Bruno, Savaria Concord and Thyssenkrupp Access. There are numerous dealers across the United Sates that sell many different kinds of brand and models of stair lifts, all with unique features. The dealer can assist the customer with purchasing, installing and maintaining a unit.

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