Heavy Duty Stair Lifts

Heavy Duty Stair Lifts

When it comes to mobility devices, the popularity of stair lifts has grown in leaps and bounds. The disabled and aging population find stair lifts to be quite a useful way to enjoy a little bit of independence. Those who are overweight and suffer from physical limitations such as bad knees and weak ankles will benefit from heavy duty stair lifts. With heavy duty stair lifts, overweight individuals can have the freedom to easily reach all the levels in their house.

Heavy Duty Stair Lifts Are a Better Alternative

Heavy duty stair lifts are a much better option than hiring a personal care worker or soliciting the help of family and friends. No matter what the configuration of your staircase, there are heavy duty stair lifts that will fit it. It is quite possible you are worried about whether or not you can use a stair lift.

The Weight Capacity of Heavy Duty Models

You are probably wondering how much weight one of these devices can safely accommodate. Today's stair lifts are designed to transport a great amount of weight. Of course, the maximum weight capacity of a unit will depend on the particular model. There are a few points to consider when deciding what kind of stair lift to buy. No matter what model you decide to purchase, the most important aspect is that it can safely transport you while you go from the top floor to the bottom floor of your home.

Installing a Heavy Duty Stair Lift

When talking about heavy duty stair lifts, you have to think about how these devices are installed on a staircase. The majority of stair lifts, no matter their weight capacity, will be installed on a staircase's banister. However, some circumstances may call for the unit to be attached to the wall. When it comes to the most easiest lift to install, straight ones win hands down. In comparison to curved models, straight lifts are much less complex to make and put in a home.

Depending on the unit's weigh tolerance, some minor modifications may need to be made in order for the chair or platform to safely hold the user. Usually, the installer will add some reinforcements to make sure the unit is completely secure. Furthermore, heavy-duty chair lifts will include some type of footrest. With a footrest, some of the weight is taken off the seat, allowing for the user's weight to be more uniformly distributed throughout the device. This feature also allows the person to be more balanced while in transit.

Weight Capacities of Standard and Heavy Duty Stair Lifts

In comparison to standard chair stair lifts, heavy duty chair stair lifts will have a larger, wider seat. Typical standard units can hold a person who weighs up to 300-350 pounds. Heavy duty stair lifts can carry a maximum load of 500 pounds, depending on the model. When the representative comes out to survey your staircase, they can determine whether or not a heavy duty lift is the right choice for your needs.

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